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Force sensors (strain gauges)

Czujniki siły

- Robust compact housing
- High degree of protection
- Wide operating temperature range
- Different buildings depending on needs
- Sensors for various applications

Tensometric force sensors, including resistance tensometers, are most often used in laboratory and utility measurements.

They are characterized by high sensitivity and accuracy of measurements while maintaining small size. They are resistant to vibrations and shocks, they can work at high temperatures and pressures, and can also be placed on curved surfaces.

The principle of the resistance strain gauge is based on the physical properties of the metal wire, consisting in changing its electrical resistance with the change of its length. The resistance wire (or foil) is glued with a special glue to the element deforming under the influence of acting forces or moments. The resistance material of the sensor is identical to the deformation as the element on which the sensor was glued.

The most common are ready-made sensors in the form of a foil extensometer glued to the housing. Depending on the design of the load-bearing element (housing), this sensor can be used to measure small forces in the ranges of single Newtons as well as huge forces counted in tens of kilonewtons.

ProductMeasurement rangeElectronicsCharacteristic constantMaximum linearity error [% F.S.]Ask for a product
EMS30-100N (KMM30-100N)100 NNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS30-200N (KMM30-200N) 200 NNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS30-500N (KMM30-500N)500 NNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS30-1kN (KMM30-1kN)1 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS30-2KN (KMM30-2kN)2 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS30-5kN (KMM30-5kN) 5 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS50-1kN (KMM60-1kN)1 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS60-2kN (KMM60-2kN)2 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS60-5kN (KMM60-5kN)5 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
K1505-0,5kN500 NNO2 +-2% [mV/V]0.05
K1505-1kN1 kNNO2 +-2% [mV/V]0.05
K1505-2kN2 kNNO2 +-2% [mV/V]0.05
K1505-5kN5 kNNO2 +-2% [mV/V]0.05
K1505-10kN10 kNNO2 +-2% [mV/V]0.05
EMS70-1KN1 kNNO1 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS70-2KN2 kNNO1 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS70-5KN5 kNNO1 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS70-10KN10 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS70-20KN20 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS70-50KN50 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS70-100KN100 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS70-200KN200 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS70-500KN500 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.2
EMS150-0,5kN500 NNO2 +-2% [mV/V]0.1
EMS150-1 kN1 kNNO2 +-2% [mV/V]0.1
EMS150-2 kN2 kNNO2 +-2% [mV/V]0.1
EMS150-5 kN5 kNNO2 +-2% [mV/V]0.1
EMS150-10 kN10 kNNO2 +-2% [mV/V]0.1
EMS150-20 kN20 kNNO2 +-2% [mV/V]0.1
EMS150-50 kN50 kNNO2 +-2% [mV/V]0.1
EMS150-100 kN100 kNNO2 +-2% [mV/V]0.1
EMS150-200kN200 kNNO2 +-2%[mV/V]0.1
KM801-K-2kN-0000-D2 kNNO2 [mV/V]0.3
KM801-K-5kN-0000-D5 kNNO2 [mV/V]0.3
KM200-K-10N-000010 NNO0.60 [mV/V]0.15
KM200-K-50N-000050 NNO2 [mV/V]0.15
KM500-K-500N-0000500 NNO2 [mV/V]0.15
KM701-K-0.2kN-0000-Z200 NNO2 [mV/V]0.05
KM701-K-0.5kN-0000-Z500 NNO2 [mV/V]0.05
KM701-K-1kN-0000-Z1 kNNO2 [mV/V]0.05
KT803-K-2kN-2410-Z2 kNYES0..10 V0.05
KT1403-1kN-2442-Z1 kNYES4..20 mA0.03
KT1403-K-50N-2442-D50 NYES4..20 mA0.03
KM1503-K-10kN10 kNNO2+-10% mV/V0.03
KM1603-K-30kN30 kNNO2 mV/V0.03
KM1503-K-10kN.10 kNNO2 mV/V0.03
KM1603-K-50kN50 kNNO2 mV/V0.03
KT1403-K-100N-2442-D100 NYES4..20 mA0.03
KT1403-K-200N-2442-D200 NYES4..20 mA0.03
KT1403-K-500N-2442-D500 NYES4..20 mA0.03
KT1403-K-1kN-2442-D1 kNYES4..20 mA0.03
KM1506-K-2kN-00002 kNNO2 [mV/V]0.1
KM1506-K-5kN-0000-5 kNNO2 [mV/V]0.1
KM1506-K-10kN-0000-10 kNNO2 [mV/V]0.1
KM1506-K-15kN-0000-15 kNNO2 [mV/V]0.1
KM1506-K-20kN-0000-20 kNNO2 [mV/V]0.1
KT1403-100N-2442-Z100 NYES4..20 mA0.03
KT1403-200N-2442-Z200 NYES4..20 mA0.03
KT1403-500N-2442-Z500 Nyeah4..20 mA0.03
KT1403-K-1kN-2410-D1 kNYES 0..10 V0.03
KT1403-50N-2442-Z50 NYES4..20 mA0.03
KT1403-K-100N-2410-D100 NYES 0..10 V0.03
KT1403-K-200N-2410-D200 NYES 0..10 V0.03
KT1403-K-500N-2410-D500 NYES 0..10 V0.03
KT1403-K-50N-2410-D50 NYES 0..10 V0.03
KT1403-K-200N-2410-Z200 NYES 0..10 V0.03
KT1403-K-500N-2410-Z500 NYES 0..10 V0.03
KT1403-K-1kN-2410-Z1 kNYES 0..10 V0.03
KT703-K-1kN-2442-Z1 kNYES4..20 mA0.05
KT703-K-1kN-2442-D1 kNYES4..20 mA0.05
KT703-K-1kN-2410-D1 kNYES0..10 V0.05
KT703-K-500N-2442-D500 NYES4..20 mA0.05
KT703-K-1kN-2410-Z1 kNYES0..10 V0.05
KT703-K-500N-2442-Z500 NYES4..20 mA0.05
KT703-K-500N-2410-D500 NYES0..10 V0.05
KT703-K-500N-2410-Z500 NYES0..10 V0.05
KT703-K-200N-2442-D200 NYES4..20 mA0.05
KT1403-K-100N-2410-Z100 NYES 0..10 V0.03
KT703-K-200N-2442-Z200 NYES4..20 mA0.05
KT803-K-5kN-2442-Z5 kNYES4..20 mA0.05
KT803-K-5kN-2442-D5 kNYES4..20 mA0.05
KT803-K-2kN-2442-Z2 kNYES4..20 mA0.05
KT803-K-2kN-2442-D2 kNYES4..20 mA0.05
KT803-K-5kN-2410-Z5 kNYES0..10 V0.05
KT803-K-5kN-2410-D5 kNYES0..10 V0.05
KT1403-K-50N-2410-Z50 NYES 0..10 V0.03
KT803-K-2kN-2410-D2 kNYES0..10 V0.05
EMS130-500kN500kNNot so2 mV / V + - 2% /; For versions with electronics 0… 10 V (min load 5 kΊ), 4… 20 mA (max. Load 500 Ί)0.25
EMS130-1000kN1000kNNot so2 mV / V + - 2% /; For versions with electronics 0… 10 V (min load 5 kΊ), 4… 20 mA (max. Load 500 Ί)0.25
EMS130-1500kN1500kNNot so2 mV / V + - 2% /; For versions with electronics 0… 10 V (min load 5 kΊ), 4… 20 mA (max. Load 500 Ί)0.25
EMS130-2000kN2000kNNot so2 mV / V + - 2% /; For versions with electronics 0… 10 V (min load 5 kΊ), 4… 20 mA (max. Load 500 Ί)0.25
KMC100-K-50kN50 kNNO3.0mV/V≤ 0.03 %
KMC100-K-100kN 100 kNNO3.0mV/V≤ 0.03 %
KMC100-K-200kN 200 kNNO3.0 mV / V≤ 0.03 %
KMC100-K-300kN 300 kNNO3.0 mV / V≤ 0.03 %
KMC130-K-50kN50 kNNO3.0 mV / V≤ 0.05 %
KMC130-K-100kN100 kNNO3.0 mV / V≤ 0.05 %
KMC130-K-200kN200 kNNO3.0 mV / V≤ 0.05 %
KMC130-K-300kN300 kNNO3.0 mV / V≤ 0.05 %
KMC180-K-300kN 300 kNNO3.0 mV / V≤ 0.03 %
KMC230-K-500kN500 kNNO2.0 mV / V≤ 0.1 %
EMS55-100N (KMM55-100N) 100 NNO1.5 mV / V + - 5%0.5
EMS55-200N (KMM55-200N)200 NNO1.5 mV / V + - 5%0.5
EMS55-500N (KMM55-500N) 500 NNO1.5 mV / V + - 5%0.5
KT1503-K-5kN-2410-Z5 kNYES0..10 V 0.03
EMS20-50N (KMM20-50N)50 NNO1.0 +-2% [mV/V]0.5
EMS40-1kN (KMM40-1kN)1 kNNO1.5 mV/V +- 2%0.25
EMS50-0,1kN (KMM50-0,1kN)0.1 kNNO1.0 +-2% [mV/V]0.25
EMS20-100N (KMM20-100N)100 NNO1.0 +-2% [mV/V]0.25
KT1503-K-5kN-2410-D5 kNYES0..10 V 0.03
EMS40E-1kN (KMM40E-1kN) 1 kNYES0.25
EMS50E-100N (KMM50E-100N)0.1 kNYES0.25
KT1503-K-5kN-2442-Z5 kNYES4..20 mA 0.03
EMS40-2kN (KMM40-2kN)2 kNNO1.5 mV/V +- 2%0.25
EMS50-0,2kN (KMM50-0,2kN)0.2 kNNO1.0 +-2% [mV/V]0.25
EMS20E-100N (KMM20E-100N) 100 NYES0.25
EMS20-200N (KMM20-200N)200 NNO1.0 +-2% [mV/V]0.25
KT1503-K-5kN-2442-D5 kNYES4..20 mA 0.03
EMS40E-2kN (KMM40E-2kN)2 kNYES0.25
EMS50E-200N (KMM50E-200N)0.2 kNYES0.25
EMS40-5kN (KMM40-5kN) 5 kNNO1.5 mV/V +- 2%0.25
EMS50-0,5kN (KMM50-0,5kN)0.5 kNNO1.0 +-2% [mV/V]0.25
EMS20E-200N (KMM20E-200N)200 NYES0.25
EMS20-500N (KMM20-500N)500 NNO1.0 +-2% [mV/V]0.25
EMS40E-5kN (KMM40E-5kN)5 kNYES0.25
EMS50E-500N  (KMM50E-500N)0.5 kNYES0.25
EMS50-1kN (KMM50-1kN)1 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.25
EMS40-10kN (KMM40-10kN)10 kNNO1.5 mV/V +- 2%0.5
EMS20E-500N (KMM20E-500N)500 NYES0.25
EMS20-1kN (KMM20-1kN)1 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.25
EMS40E-10kN (KMM40E-10kN)10 kNYES0.5
EMS50E-1kN (KMM50E-1kN)1 kNYES0.25
EMS50-2kN (KMM50-2kN)2 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.25
EMS40-20kN (KMM40-20kN)20 kNNO1.5 mV/V +- 2%0.5
EMS20E-1kN (KMM20E-1kN)1 kNYES0.25
EMS20-2kN (KMM20-2kN)2 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.25
EMS40E-20kN (KMM40E-20kN) 20 kNYES0.5
EMS50E-2kN (KMM50E-2kN)2 kNYES0.25
EMS50-5kN (KMM50-5kN)5 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.25
EMS40-50kN (KMM40-50kN) 50 kNNO1.5 mV/V +- 2%0.5
EMS20E-2kN (KMM20E-2kN) 2 kNYES0.25
EMS20 (KMM20-5kN) 5 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.25
EMS40E-50kN (KMM40E-50kN)50 kNYES0.5
EMS50E-5kN (KMM50E-5kN)5 kNYES0.25
EMS50-10kN (KMM50-10kN)10 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.5
EMS20E-5kN (KMM20E-5kN)5 kNYES0.25
EMS50E-10kN (KMM50E-10kN)10 kNYES0.5
EMS50-20kN (KMM50-20kN)20 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.5
EMS50E-20kN (KMM50E-20kN)20 kNYES0.5
EMS50-50kN (KMM50-50kN)50 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.5
EMS50E-50kN (KMM50E-50kN)50 kNYES0.5
EMS50-100kN (KMM50-100kN)100 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.5
EMS50E-100kN (KMM50E-100kN)100 kNYES0.25
EMS50-200kN (KMM50-200kN)200 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.5
EMS50E-200kN (KMM50E-200kN)200 kNYES0.25
EMS50-500kN (KMM50-500kN) 500 kNNO1.5 +-2% [mV/V]0.5
EMS50E-500kN (KMM50E-500kN)500 kNYES0.25

Products withdrawn from production

ProduktZakres pomiarowyElektronikaZamiennik
KM1020-30 N to 0-1 kNNO
KM3000-60 N to 0-2 kNNOKM200
KM2020-3 N to 0-100 NNO
KM3020-30 N to 0-2 kNNO
KMB190-100 N to 0-4 kNNO
KMB250-200 N to 0-400 NNO
KMB310-400 N to 0-10 kNNOKMB32
KB520-500 N to 0-10 kNNO/TAKKMM50
KB820-5 kN to 0-100 kNNO/TAKKMB51
K11010-500 N to 0-50 kNNO/TAK
K14010-50 N to 0-1 kNNO/TAKKT1403, KM1403
K14020-500 N to 0-2 kNNO/TAK
K15010-1 kN to 0-10 kNNO/TAKKT1503, KM1503
K15020-5 kN to 0-100 kNNO/TAK

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