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Case studies

Polskie fabryki Toyoty podwoiły produkcję elektrycznych napędów hybrydowych

Polish Toyota factories have doubled the production of electric hybrid drives

September 20 this year. Toyota factory in Wałbrzych launched the second production line of electric hybrid transmissions. MOBOT® mobile robots are used in internal transport

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Hybrydowy napęd Toyoty Yaris powstaje w polskich, nowoczesnych fabrykach Toyoty

The Toyota Yaris hybrid drive is made in Polish, modern Toyota factories

The production of an electric transmission for low-emission hybrid drives has started in the modern Toyota factory in Wałbrzych. MOBOT mobile robots are used for internal transport.

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Systemy Tekscan w Symulatorium Dostępności Akademii Kształtowania Przestrzeni Dostępnej

Tekscan systems in the Accessibility Simulator of the Academy of Accessible Space Development

The modern Accessibility Simulator uses advanced systems for measuring the distribution of forces and pressure of Tekscan in universal design.

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Toyota rozpoczyna produkcję silników do napędów hybrydowych w nowoczesnej fabryce z automatycznym transportem wewnętrznym

Toyota is starting the production of hybrid drive engines in a modern factory with automatic internal transport

In the modern Toyota factory in Jelcz-Laskowice, the production of the latest generation 2.0-liter gasoline engines has started. MOBOT mobile robots are used for internal transport.

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Robot mobilny MOBOT® AGV CubeRunner automatyzuje kolejny proces w branży motoryzacyjnej

The MOBOT®AGV CubeRunner mobile robot automates another process in the automotive industry

MOBOT® AGV mobile robots are an Industry 4.0 solution that is increasingly being implemented by manufacturing companies in Poland and around the world to automate in-house logistics. Motorbike industry…

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Platforma mobilna MW Art w Teatrze Polskim im. Arnolda Szyfmana w Warszawie

The MW Art mobile platform at the Polski Theater Arnold Szyfman in Warsaw

The rotational scene already existing in the theater could not be used to implement the movement, as it was necessary to be able to move freely in different areas of the stage.

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MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner HT automatyzuje transport wewnętrzny w procesie produkcji nowego kanału wentylacyjnego

MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner HT automates internal transport in the production of a new ventilation duct

Replacement of conventional transport - fork trucks (dangerous, damage to products) and rolotoków (expensive, difficult to reconfigure) in the production of the new ventilation channel SQUOVAL®.

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Polskie roboty mobilne transportują przekładnie hybrydowe w polskiej fabryce Toyoty

Polish mobile robots transport hybrid transmissions at the Polish Toyota factory

The Toyota company started the production of gearboxes for the 4th generation hybrid drive in the TMMP factory in Walbrzych. In the internal transport, WObit's MOBOT® AGV mobile robots are used.

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