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Do you want to be part of a team and create a future with us?

See how our recruitment process looks like

Stage 1

stage 1 recruitment

We: we create and publish our announcement.

You: decide if you send your application (via e-mail or via the online form, where you can also include finished files).

Stage 2

stage 2 recruitment

We: pre-selection is taking place - sometimes we ask you to complete the information.

You: supplement your data, you have the possibility to send us your questions or you will surprise us with your other activity to let us know ;-)

Step 3

stage 3 recruitment

We: we invite you to a recruitment meeting at our office.

You: decide if you will meet us during the interview.

Step 4

stage 4 recruitment

We and You together: we will further clarify the details of our cooperation and the first day of our new adventure, and our HR department corresponds with the remaining candidates informing them about closing the recruitment process .

Are you in? Do you need more information?


How long does the recruitment process take?

It is difficult to harmonize one recruitment interview can last about 20 minutes, and another about 3 hours.
Certainly you can say that from the recruitment meeting to our response, it will take you from one to two weeks.


Who are you for us?

We are thoroughly preparing to contact you also during the recruitment interview.
We treat you as a chance for our employer, not like another petent.
We believe that we will succeed in developing a good relationship, regardless of employment or lack of employment.
We promote the principles of friendly recruitment in the county and in the recruitment environment.


Our values

Our key to development is passion , through which we create innovative products and solutions.
In everyday relations, honesty and respect for diversity is important to us..
This affects the friendly and family atmosphere appreciated by our team

Everyone interested in working in our company in Deborzyce (Pniewy commune, Wielkopolskie voivodeship), we invite you to submit your application documents (CV and cover letter, for persons related to technology or marketing, additionally portfolio) with an electronic way to the following address:

Current job offers

"Internships" or "practice" - the common opinion that circulates among young people about these forms of work is devastating. Why? Because it often happens that students will be treated as cheap labor force, who has a cup of coffee, photocopy documents, or order a company archive. For over twenty years, the Industrial and Trade Enterprise WObit has been proving to young people that such an opinion has been over the past. In this fight, WObit is achieving unmatched successes.

Fill in the recruitment form for internships or practice

Internship at WObit. Questions & Answers

What is the significance of the internship program at WObit? What topics can trainees in the company encounter?

Through the apprenticeship program, we provide young people with the opportunity to translate their knowledge into apprenticeship and to "touch" what they are learning at university or in secondary schools. It is the duty of the trainee to perform tasks related to the scope of work carried out in the given department in which he or she is practicing. Apprentices gain their first professional experience, learn how to work independently, team cooperation, have the opportunity to see their own eyes, how the elements and devices they are learning in schools or in the studies in which applications are applicable are working on. Internships at WObit can be practiced almost every month within a year.

We offer apprenticeships in the following departments: Research and development, Consulting, sales and projects, Mechanical Production, Electronic Production, but IT specialists, office workers, administrators and logistics also find jobs that are worth "practice".

Who is an apprentice at WObit? What is its status?

The apprentice is primarily a member of our team. He participates in trainings at the time that organizes the company or integration meetings. Every young person gets his guardian during the internship. In his role there is a manager of a given department or another specialist with great experience in a given field - so that the trainee can learn from him and learn from him. He is also the first contact person in the substantive area. At the end of internships, an apprentice receives a certificate of completion of apprenticeship and apprenticeship.

How does the apprenticeship look like to WObit?

With time, when the WObit brand became more and more well-known in the world of modern technologies, the CV of high school students and students started to flow in an avalanche. Also more and more schools were interested in establishing permanent cooperation with our company. We were somehow "forced" to recruit for internships. But also in this we found strengths for young people who, thanks to recruitment for internships, could have trained before the first recruitment for work. The stages of recruitment for internships look like this:

  1. the candidate / trainee sent the application to the e-mail address,
  2. applying for internships should include a CV, cover letter and often portoflio, in which the trainee presents his / her achievements, a description of his or her projects made at home or at the university,
  3. after accepting application documents of the candidate / trainees for the internship, we invite selected persons on the interview. People who are not accepted for internships receive information about the decision made by the company. At this point, I think it should be mentioned that the most crowded terms by middle school students are May, and students: June, July, August and September.

Which qualifications of the candidates for internships do you pay the most attention to?

So, who are we looking for? Enthusiasts. People who love what they are going to occupy. People who want to learn and develop. Those for whom the subject matter in which the educator is a hobby. In the case of particularly busy dates (especially summer), we pay attention to independence, which means that the involvement of the Guardian of such an independent apprentice may be divided into several practitioners. Obviously, the remaining qualifications and skills of the candidate must be appropriate for the type of practice to be performed, for example, for automation or robotics, the skills of designing analogue and digital electronic systems, programming microcontrollers, and for mechatronics - 3D design skills are essential. Certainly, the candidate's advantage will be if he already knew what product he wants to work with (eg engine, sensor or HMI panel) or he will be able to propose an example of the topic he would like to attend during internships. So, so-called hard competences are, of course, necessary to spend time practicing effectively.

WObit company in the opinion of interns and trainees

How do you remember the time spent on practice / internship at WObit? It was worth it?

Student Krzysztof: My practice was sometimes stress-free, it went in a nice atmosphere. I've learned something new every day.

Student Maciej: During the internship I developed, among others the ability to configure servo drives, motor control and programming skills. The tasks I did were varied. I have expanded my knowledge and skills from many fields.

Student Ewelina: What I liked the most was the possibility of implementing the proposed project and the warm atmosphere in the company.

Student Lukasz: The WObit company allows you to gain the necessary experience in the industries of interest to us, treating trainees as team members, allowing independent work on interesting projects.

How would you encourage others to do apprenticeship / internship at WObit?

Student Joanna: Internships, for the student often the first meeting with the company is really worth taking place in one that offers not only the practice of knowledge acquired during studies, but also full participation in its daily work. WObit â is a valuable lesson of professionalism for me.

Student Krzysztof: You can really learn a lot, learn practical skills in the field of machining process design and machine operation.

Student Maciej: If you want to learn a lot and use theoretical knowledge in practice, WObit will be a very good choice.

Student Ewelina: Stas at WObit took place in a mild atmosphere, and at the same time the tasks are interesting and allow for professional development.

Student Lukasz: If you are interested in modern technologies related to mechanics, electronics, automation and mechatronics, the WObit company is the right place to combine your knowledge with practice, gaining experience and being a member of a super team of specialists.