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Draw-wire sensors

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  • Very accurate
  • Large measuring range
  • Solid and small
  • Easy assembly and service
  • Compact construction
  • Attractive price also with small quantities

Draw-wire displacement sensors measure linear movements using a highly flexible steel wire. The cable drum is attached to a sensor element which provides a displacement-proportional output signal. Measurements are performed with high accuracy and high dynamic response. The use of high quality components guarantees a long service life and high operational reliability.

Draw-wire sensors of the wireSENSOR series measure almost linearly across the entire measuring range and are used for distance and position measurements of 50mm up to 50,000mm. Draw-wire sensors from Micro-Epsilon are ideal for integration and subsequent assembly in high volume OEM applications e.g. in medical devices, lifts, conveyors and automotive engineering.

ProductMeasurement rangeLinearitySignal outputAsk for a product
WDS-MT40-130 mm ±0.4% FSO
WPS-K100 analogowy1.500 - 5.000 mm0.2% F.S.O. U / I
WPS-K100 cyfrowy1.5 | 2.5 | 3.5 | 5 | 8 m≤ ± 0.05% FSOCANopen
WPS MK30 analogowy0.5 - 7.5 m0.25% F.S.O.P
WPS MK30 cyfrowy500-750 mm0.25 mmE
WPS MK46 analogowy1- 1.25 m1 mmP
WPS MK46 cyfrowy1.25 m0.625 mmE
WPS MK60 analogowy1500 mmą 0.15 % F.S.O.P / U / I
WPS MK60 cyfrowy2400 mmą 0.05 % F.S.O.TTL
WPS MK77 analogowy2100 mm5.25 mmP
WPS MK77 cyfrowy2100 mm1.05 mmE
WPS MK88 analogowy2300 - 5000 mm0.3% F.S.O.P / U / I
WPS MK88 cyfrowy2300 | 3500 | 5000± 0.15% FSOCANopen
WPS MK120 analogowy3.000 - 7.500 mm0.15% F.S.O.P / U / I
WDS-MPM50 - 250 mmą 0.2 % F.S.O.P
WDS-MP/MPW0.1 - 1 mą 0.5 % F.S.O.P
WDS-P60/P96 analogowy0.1 - 2.5 m± 0.1 % F.S.O.P / U / I
WDS-P60/P96 cyfrowy1 - 3 mą 0.02 % F.S.O.HTL, TTL, SSI, PB, CO
WDS-P115 analogowy3 - 15 m± 0.1 % F.S.O.P / U / I
WDS-P115 cyfrowy5 - 15 mą 0.01 % F.S.O.HTL, TTL, SSI, PB, CO
WDS-P20030 - 50 mą 0.01 % F.S.O.HTL, TTL, SSI, PB, CO

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