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Area sensors

Czujniki obszaru

- Different output standards
- High degree of protection
- Wide operating temperature range
- 1 sensor substitutes many point sensors

Area sensors are dedicated to detecting the motion of an object in a specific area. The scope of the sensor's operation is greater due to the presence of several light paths. Detection of the object is done by interrupting one of these roads.

The latest BWC series has a 3-point transverse beam that limits the area of â??â??non-sensing sensors and ensures reliable detection and high performance. The sensor has a noise reduction function and a sun light up to 100,000 lux, minimizing the effect of sun light and light bulbs. They have a large working range of up to 7 m and an IP67 degree of protection

BW series has an operating range of up to 7 m and is equipped with mutual interference prevention and a Master / Slave mode of operation, which guarantees high detection performance. A wide range of models to choose from makes this series ideally suited to a variety of applications.

BWP Series are area sensors in a plastic housing. They are equipped with the function of preventing mutual interference by selecting the frequency of the emitted light, which guarantees very good detection performance. The sensors have a narrow housing (13) mm, equipped with a Fresnel lens.

BWPK series are sensors in a narrow plastic casing, equipped with Fresnel lenses. The sensors are equipped with an internal DIP switch that allows you to select the detection mode at a longer / short distance. The performance of detection is ensured by the function of protection against mutual interference and the possibility of changing the frequency.

ProductDetection distanceWidth of detectionThe distance between beamsThe minimum detected objectPower supplyWyjścieLevel of securityAsk for a product
BW20-08transparent, 0.1-7m140mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW20-12transparent, 0.1-7m220mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW20-16transparent, 0.1-7m300mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW20-20transparent, 0.1-7m380mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW20-24transparent, 0.1-7m460mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW20-28transparent, 0.1-7m540mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW20-32transparent, 0.1-7m620mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW20-36transparent, 0.1-7m700mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW20-40transparent, 0.1-7m780mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW20-44transparent, 0.1-7m860mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW20-48transparent, 0.1-7m940mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW40-04transparent, 0.1-7m120mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW40-06transparent, 0.1-7m200mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW40-08transparent, 0.1-7m280mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW40-10transparent, 0.1-7m360mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW40-12transparent, 0.1-7m440mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW40-14transparent, 0.1-7m520mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW40-16transparent, 0.1-7m600mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW40-18transparent, 0.1-7m680mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW40-20transparent, 0.1-7m760mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW40-22transparent, 0.1-7m840mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW40-24transparent, 0.1-7m920mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP65
BW20-08Ptransparent, 0.1-7m140mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW20-12Ptransparent, 0.1-7m220mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW20-16Ptransparent, 0.1-7m300mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW20-20Ptransparent, 0.1-7m380mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW20-24Ptransparent, 0.1-7m460mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW20-28Ptransparent, 0.1-7m540mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW20-32Ptransparent, 0.1-7m620mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW20-36Ptransparent, 0.1-7m700mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW20-40Ptransparent, 0.1-7m780mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW20-44Ptransparent, 0.1-7m860mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW20-48Ptransparent, 0.1-7m940mm20mmØ 30mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW40-04Ptransparent, 0.1-7m120mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW40-06Ptransparent, 0.1-7m200mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW40-08Ptransparent, 0.1-7m280mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW40-10Ptransparent, 0.1-7m360mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW40-12Ptransparent, 0.1-7m440mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW40-14Ptransparent, 0.1-7m520mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW40-16Ptransparent, 0.1-7m600mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW40-18Ptransparent, 0.1-7m680mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW40-20Ptransparent, 0.1-7m760mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW40-22Ptransparent, 0.1-7m840mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BW40-24Ptransparent, 0.1-7m920mm40mmØ 50mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP65
BWP20-08transparent, 0.1-5m140mm20mmØ30mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP40
BWP20-12transparent, 0.1-5m220mm20mmØ30mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP40
BWP20-16transparent, 0.1-5m300mm20mmØ30mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP40
BWP20-20transparent, 0.1-5m380mm20mmØ30mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP40
BWPK-25-05translucent, 0.1-3m (0.05-1m)100mm25mmØ35mm12-24VDCNPN, open collectorIP40
BWPK-25-05Ptranslucent, 0.1-3m (0.05-1m)100mm25mmØ35mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP40
BWP20-08Ptransparent, 0.1-5m140mm20mmØ30mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP40
BWP20-12Ptransparent, 0.1-5m220mm20mmØ30mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP40
BWP20-16Ptransparent, 0.1-5m300mm20mmØ30mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP40
BWP20-20Ptransparent, 0.1-5m380mm20mmØ30mm12-24VDCPNP, open collectorIP40
BWC40-□□Htransparent 1 - 7 m120-760 mm40mmø50mm12-24 VDC ±10%NPN, open collectorIP65
BWC40-□□HDtransparent 1 - 7 m120-760 mm40mmø50mm12-24VDC ±10%NPN, open collectorIP65
BWC80-14Htransparent 1 - 7 m120- 760mm80mmø90mm12-24 VDC ±10%NPN, open collectorIP65
BWC80-14HDtransparent 1 - 7 m120-760 mm80mmø90mm12-24 VDC ±10%NPN, open collectorIP65

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