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MOBOT® AGV MW mobile robots

Autonomous mobile robots MOBOT® AGV MW are equipped with a four-wheel drive consisting of directional wheels and with natural LMS navigation. Works with a capacity of 100 to 1800 kg.

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Mobile robot

czas pracy 8 hczas pracy do 8 h na jednym ładowaniu

masa 200 kgudźwig do 200 kg

wi-fikomunikacja Wi-Fi

prędkośćprędkość maksymalna 3,5 km/h

wymiary kompaktowewymiary 825 x 546 x 401 mm

lms + pgvsystem LMS + nawigacja po linii z pomocą systemu wizyjnego

wymiary kompaktowekoła Mecanum zapewniające ruch w dowolnym kierunku
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MOBOT® AGV CubeRunner MW mobile robot

working time 8 hours working time up to 8 hours per one charge

weight 200 kg load capacity up to 200 kg

wi-fi Wi-Fi communication

speed maximum speed 3.5 km / h

compact dimensions dimensions 800 x 550 x 453 mm

lms + pgv LMS system + line navigation with with a vision system

compact dimensions Mecanum wheels ensuring movement in any direction
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MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW HT mobile robot

5 h working time working time up to 5 h per one charge

weight 500 kg load capacity up to 500 kg

wi-fi Wi-Fi communication

speed maximum speed 3.5 km / h

compact dimensions dimensions 1600 x 710 x 220 mm

lms + pgv LMS system + line navigation with with a vision system

MW Mecanum wheels ensuring movement in any direction
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Mobile robot
MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW Light

working time 12 hours working time up to 12 hours on one charge

weight 1000 kg load capacity up to 1000 kg

wi-fi Wi-Fi communication

speed maximum speed 3.5 km / h

compact dimensions dimensions 1800 x 1147 x 277 mm

lms + pgv LMS system + line navigation with using the vision system

MW Mecanum wheels ensuring movement in any direction
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Industrial mobile robot
MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW

working time 8 h working time up to 8 h one charge

weight 1800 kg load capacity up to 1800 kg

wi-fi Wi-Fi communication

speed maximum speed 3 km / h

compact dimensions dimensions 1973 x 1254 x 420 mm

lms system LMS system + line navigation with help vision system

MW Mecanum wheels ensuring movement in any direction
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Autonomous mobile robots MOBOT®AGV MW are safe, intelligent vehicles for automating transport and logistics.

Modern MOBOT® mobile robots produced by WObit is an important element of the concept of Industry 4.0 in the field of intralogistics.

The task of mobile robots is autonomous transport of cargo between designated points.


  • automatic transport of goods
  • automation of production lines
  • possibility of cooperation with palletizing robots
  • transportation of a robotic arm
Omnidirectional drive

Omnidirectional drive

MOBOT® AGV MW mobile self-driving robots are equipped with Mecanum wheels, ensuring the robot's holonomy, i.e. the ability to change the orientation of movement in place. Mecanum wheels consist of freely rotating rollers located at an angle of 45 ° on the circumference of the wheel.

Robots with this drive can perform longitudinal and transverse movement and rotate around their center, in a word, move freely in many directions. What's more, the omnidirectional drive ensures very high positioning precision of robots with an accuracy of up to ± 1 mm.

Mobile robots with Mecanum wheels are designed for driving on a flat floor, and the maximum level of surface inclination is limited by the permissible angle of attack of the robot.

What tasks will autonomous omni-directional mobile robots perform?

MOBOT® AGV MW with Mecanum wheels will work wherever it is necessary to manipulate loads in a limited space, in narrow communication routes. It is the optimal solution for tasks in which there is a constant need for efficient and flexible communication of distant production stations.

The flexibility and efficiency of changing direction without having to turn around creates a potential that gives MOBOT® MW autonomous mobile robots exceptional ergonomics. Perfect for processes with short cycle times, where reducing the number of maneuvers needed to change direction allows the task to be completed in less time.

Natural laser navigation

Natural laser navigation

For the navigation of autonomous mobile robots MOBOT®AGV MW, a laser terrain mapping system (LMS) is used. This is called free navigation, i.e. natural and fully intelligent navigation ensuring autonomous operation of devices.

Natural because it only uses naturally occurring objects such as walls for orientation in space. Fully intelligent, because the robot, moving in a changing environment, makes its own decision about choosing the optimal route and avoids the obstacles, if the amount of space on the route allows it.



Autonomous mobile robots MOBOT® AGV MW safely maneuver among people and bypass obstacles in the areas of production, warehouse, corridors and other spaces inside buildings.

MOBOT®AGV mobile robots are equipped with laser space scanners with safety function and other sensors. While driving, MOBOT® scans the surroundings on an ongoing basis, tracking all events in real time. Warning and safety zones are programmed in the scanner, which is why the robot can react appropriately, slowing down or stopping completely, or bypassing an obstacle in case of adequate space on the route.



MOBOT®AGV MW self-driving transport robots can be easily retrofitted with various robot-mounted modules with convenient mounting holes.

You can quickly and easily adapt the robot to your load by attaching a roller conveyor, pallet transport adapter, gravity conveyor, cuvettes, containers, racks, load lifting system, robotic arm - everything your application requires.

These modules can be easily replaced, which allows the use of MOBOT® robots for various tasks in your company.



The MOBOT® RoutePlanner software is used to configure the robot parameters in detail. The software works under the control of Windows. Using this interface, you can perform operations such as:

  • observation of the robot status and the most important system components,
  • drive and I / O configuration of the main controller,
  • manual vehicle navigation,
  • adding to the controller characteristic points of the route in which a specific action is to be carried out.

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