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MOBOT® Transporter

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MOBOT ® TRANSPORTER U1 is a universal, mobile transporting robot.

  • It is easy to use and is ready for quick, independent installation.
  • It was created to help you and your company in everyday work.
  • It gives the possibility to use almost any additional equipment. You can expand the robot with a wide spectrum of functionalities.
  • The robot has a very affordable price. In addition, thanks to self-installation you save, avoiding expensive integration.
  • ROI for one-shift work and replacement of one person is only one year. You know immediately what the investment will be, without hidden surprises and costs.
  • You can quickly and conveniently configure the product via the website.

MOBOT ® TRANSPORTER U1 was created as a result of WObit's many years of work on the development of mobile robotics products. It is the implementation of the idea, proclaimed under the Reach4Robotics project, aimed at creating robots that will be easy to use and accessible to their users. Robot programming has been simplified to the size of a small application in the form of a tutorial.

From now almost every user will be able to start their robot themselves. Therefore, expensive and long-term installation of the device is unnecessary, carried out through a highly specialized integrator.

Due to the quick, independent implementation and low cost of the MOBOT ® TRANSPORTER U1 robot, you can get a very fast return on investment, even when replacing the work of only one person in a single shift. This means that in almost every company, organization, institution or establishment, it pays to introduce MOBOT ® TRANSPORTER U1 works to implement transport tasks.

Mobile transport robot for any company

Thanks to the mobile robot MOBOT ® TRANSPORTER U1 you will gain many hours of valuable time - yours or your employees'. Instead of transporting loads, you can focus on other important activities. During this time, the robot will bring what you want, wherever you want, whenever you want. Quiet, trouble-free and safe.

Where can MOBOT ® TRANSPORTER U1 help you?

Wherever you need to carry loads.

  • It is a perfect solution for hotels that will allow for the automatic delivery of bedding, meals.
  • In control and supervision - equip the robot with sensors, which will allow verification of e.g. temperature or air quality.
  • In the transport of heavy documents, books - improve everyday work in the office, archive.
  • Support for hospitals - in the transport of bedding, food or automatic disinfection.
  • In education - a great tool for learning robotics for technical universities, technical high schools.
  • At airports - it will facilitate the transport of passengers' luggage, can control the temperature, and also disinfect the surface.
  • In another industry - the possibilities are very wide, it is also a place for your other applications.

Versatility of applications

Configurable, intuitive navigation, advanced security features. The compact design with the option of easily retrofitting an additional module for transporting various details on the robot, allows its use in many places.

Ergonomic way of working

The operation and functions of the MOBOT ® TRANSPORTER U1 mobile robot are designed to be as easy to use and user-friendly as possible. We have used the experience and solutions from the MOBOT ® AGV industrial line and the latest technologies to provide you with an easy-to-use and reliable product.

LMS navigation, built-in sensors and video camera allow the robot to efficiently and safely move around your business. Tight construction and the option of choosing wheels will allow you to use the robot also outdoors.

Do you need to pack a robot in your car? Can he move him to a room where entry is not possible? No problem. Find a helping hand, because MOBOT ® TRANSPORTER U1 is equipped with ergonomic handles that will allow you to do so.

Safety first

The MOBOT ® TRANSPORTER U1 mobile robot, like the robots from the MOBOT ® AGV industrial series, has been designed to provide a high level of safety.

The durable, sealed construction is equipped with a laser scanner with the function of automatic adjustment of safety zones depending on the speed of movement.

Intuitive lighting in the form of direction indicators and reversing lights, a loudspeaker and a buzzer clearly inform the environment about the tasks performed by the robot.

Innovative technologies and modern equipment

MOBOT ® TRANSPORTER U1 has an implemented LMS laser navigation, which uses natural field objects, which allows it to easily identify its surroundings, and does not require any changes in your space (your facility).

The robot can be programmed using a simple graphical interface that requires no prior programming experience, or you can manually control your robot using a laptop, Android tablet or even an Android smartphone.

By configuring your MOBOT®, you choose which battery capacity will be optimal for you. As a standard, you get 20 Ah batteries. We provide a manual charger for charging, conveniently connected via a connector.

If you need a robot to work longer, or you want to use more accessories, you can choose batteries with a capacity of 30 Ah or 40 Ah and extend the time of operation of the robot.

As an option, we offer a fast manual charger or automatic charging joints on your robot along with a quick automatic charger. With this option, automate the operation of the robot and increase the convenience of everyday use.

Work with us

Are you interested in cooperation in the use of your own products together with MOBOT ® TRANSPORTER U1?

Do you have equipment that would perfectly harmonize with the robot to create a reliable, functional set?

Contact us and show us your idea. We will share our experience and help you in the promotion.

Do you need a solution but you don't have the equipment? Thanks to our cooperation with various companies you will gain a source of rich robot equipment.


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