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Industrial mobile robot
MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW

Self-driving mobile robot MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW is used to automate internal transportation.

Its task is to autonomous transport of goods between designated points.

Ideally suited to to carry heavy loads such as pallets, large packages or undersized details.

Industrial mobile robot MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW
czas pracy 8 hworking time up to 8 hours on a single charge

masa 1800 kglift up to 1800 kg

wi-fiWi-Fi communication

prędkośćspeed maximum 3 km/h

wymiary kompaktowedimensions 1973 x 1254 x 420 mm

system lmsLMS system + line navigation with the help of a vision system

MWMecanum wheels ensuring movement in any direction

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  • Innovative product for logistics, transport, production
  • Innovative product for logistics, transport, production

Technical parameters

Robot typeMOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW (004)
Payload and transport method
Transport methodFastening the load on the upper surface of the robot with 4 M8 screws or using the load lifting system
* raising the load to a height of 70 mm (allows lifting the load reaching the ground above navigation and safety scanners)
Permissible total weight of the cart with load1800 kg
Power supply
Manual battery charging connectorYES (24 V DC, max. 50 A)
Automatic battery charging connectorA contact connector mounted on the bottom of the robot enables automatic battery charging during
Robot power supply5 2 x traction battery 158 Ah / 12 V or 4 x traction battery 158 Ah / 12 V
The battery is mounted in a cassette allowing for quick replacement in the robot
Charger- 50 A / 24 V charger connected manually
- Optional charging station with 50A / 24 V charger for charging replaceable battery cartridges
- Optional contact module for automatic charging
Operating time at full load~8 h
Operating time in standby mode~40 h
Battery charging time3,5 h / 7 h
Speed performance
Maximal speed3,0 km/h
Nominal power4500 W
Movement directionsPossibility of riding in all directions thanks to Mecanum wheels
Turning radiusPossibility of turning in place
Maximum surface slopeRobot designed for driving on a fl at surface

Natural and intelligent navigation using the LMS *
Navigating the line using a vision system
* LMS - laser navigation system

Communication2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, optional 2.4 GHz industrial radio module (RS232)
Connector- Ethernet RJ45 - communication with PC, MODBUS TCP / IP
- 18 pin connector, E-Stopx2, Reset, RS485 (Modbus RTU), CANopen, 2 x input, 24 VDC power supply output
(2A) + 24 VDC power supply output (10 A)
Drive and control
Drive4 x servo motor (brushless), wheels with a diameter of 310 mm
Control and steering

- 1 x 7 “touch operator panel
- 2 x emergency stop
- 2 x emergency stop reset confi rmation buttons
- 1 x main power switch
- 2 x function button
- 1 x USB connector
- 1 x Ethernet connector


- 2 x vision system for tracking the line
- 2 x 2D laser scanner with security function


- 2 x light and sound signaling devices
- 2 x speaker (voice / music messages)
- 4 x direction indicator

Operating temperature range5 - 45 °C
Humidity range< 80 %, no condensation
Protection degreeIP30
The intensity of external light< 1500 lx
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (L x W x H)1973 x 1254 x 420 mm
Total weight (with batteries)~750 kg


Choose a strong partner and improve your intralogistics processes.

Make an appointment in your company

No time to compromise - focus on unlimited mobility.

FlatRunner MW robot is equipped with special Mecanum wheels, enabling movement in any direction and 360° rotation.

Excellent maneuverability shortens the cycle time and downtime of the production process.

The unlimited mobility and flexibility of implementing this solution significantly increases the applicability of the AGV robot.


MOBOT® AGV can work in a variety of applications ranging from simple to very complex.
Below are the most popular examples of mobile robot traffic organization.

simple delivery between A and B
delivery or collection in sequence A, B, C, D…
development / picking of the Loading from several distant points

Safe transport

MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW is equipped with a laser scanner with a safety function. It is responsible for detecting obstacles that appear before the AGV vehicle.

Thanks to its operation, the mobile robot can respond appropriately by slowing down or stopping completely to avoid collision.


Pick-up and delivery

We offer several models of standard trucks and adapters for the robot.

With their help, it is possible to automatically pick-up the cargo transport it safely and deliver it in the destination.

In addition to standard solutions, we also offer a truck tailored to the needs of your factory.


For the FlatRunner MW navigation,we offer: a laser mapping system (LMS), plus additonally a vision system for precise positioning at dock stations.

Using autonomous LMS navigation system, the robot is oriented in space similarly to human.

The robot creates a map of the surroundings in its memory and scans the space while driving, it sees characteristic points (eg, walls), thanks to which it always knows exactly where it is.


The management of the robot operation is done from the level of the control terminal placed at the base point.

Detailed configuration of the robot's parameters is provided by the intuitive MOBOT® RoutePlanner software.


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