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The new autonomous mobile robot MOBOT® TRANSPORTER T5

The WObit family of mobile robots is expanding with a new model - MOBOT® TRANSPORTER T5. The new autonomous mobile robot is designed to pull a variety of loads up to 500 kg.


Nowy autonomiczny robot mobilny MOBOT® TRANSPORTER T5

The WObit family of mobile robots is expanding with a new model - MOBOT® TRANSPORTER T5. The new autonomous mobile robot is designed to pull a variety of loads up to 500 kg.

MOBOT® AGV TRANSPORTER T5 was created in response to great interest MOBOT® TRANSPORTER U1 and the need to tow trailers and trucks with heavier loads.

The new robot is easy to use and implement , because programming is done using a small application in the form of a tutorial. MOBOT® AGV TRANSPORTER T5 independently moves in the environment using the LMS navigation system (laser mapping system). With its help, the robot creates a map of the environment in its memory and by scanning the space while driving, sees naturally occurring objects such as walls, so that it always knows exactly where it is. Importantly, this method of navigation does not require interference in the factory or warehouse space, and its implementation and reconfiguration are very fast. It also allows you to bypass obstacles that the robot encounters on its path.

MOBOT® AGV TRANSPORTER T5 is equipped with an advanced security system, including laser scanners with security function. They are responsible for detecting obstacles appearing before the mobile robot. Thanks to this works safely with people , transporting various loads.

The new autonomous mobile robot is powered by efficient lithium-ion batteries that allow uninterrupted operation up to 8 hours.

The robot is an optimal tool for handling heavy loads during production and in warehouses. It meets these requirements well due to the large ease of adaptation to the transport of various loads through the interchangeable hitch on the back of the robot. Ideally suited to the transport of goods in industry, warehouse logistics and hospitals.

Versatility of applications

MOBOT® AGV TRANSPORTER T5 , like other mobile robots, MOBOT® is a solution that is flexible, easily adaptable to various types of loads and changing routes. They also do not require costly changes in the spaces in which they are to operate, and its implementation is quick and easy. The robot system is also scalable, which means that it can be easily expanded with additional devices.

The use of MOBOT® mobile robots to automate transport increases productivity and reduces costs. This is due to better control of the flow of goods, safer and careful transport, as well as saving time for employees who can do more interesting tasks that require higher qualifications. Mobile robots also improve the ergonomics of people's work. As a result, we obtain more efficient use of resources and space.

To learn more about the new mobile robot MOBOT® AGV TRANSPORTER T5 and the whole device family, visit or contact WObit advisors at 61 22 27 422.


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