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New color sensors with high precision measurements

The WObit offer includes two new Micro-Epsilon color sensors with enhanced precision of measurement and high speed of work.


Nowe czujniki koloru o wysokiej precyzji pomiarów

The WObit offer includes two new, compact color sensors from the Micro-Epsilon CFO family.

Advanced model colorSENSOR CFO200 is characterized by increased precision of measurement and high speed of operation (frequency of measurement up to 20 kHz). It contains a memory of> 320 colors in 254 groups. Provides high lighting power of 220 lm and high repeatability (Ă? E Â¤ 0.3), which also allows to differentiate dark objects: black, gray and navy blue, for example when measuring the gray level of concrete blocks or paving stones.

In the automotive industry, this sensor can be used, among others when galvanizing, giving the signal to terminate the process after the specified color has been reached. Another example is the distinction between materials and shells; the sensor distinguishes the minimal color difference from stainless steel and zinc to brass and gold.

CFO200 includes Ethernet, RS232 and USB interfaces and 8 digital outputs. It can be supported by a web browser, which increases the user's convenience.

The second of the new sensors, colorSENSOR CFO100 contains Ethernet and RS232 interfaces as well as 3 digital outputs. It is characterized by lower repeatability (� E ¤ 0.5) and lower frequency of work (10 kHz) and contains a smaller memory (256 colors from 6 groups).

CFO100 is ideal for applications with limited access, because a small sensor head requires minimum space. The CFO100 sensor is used, for example, in the food industry for color sorting tasks, for quality control in painting technology, medical packaging, in the printing industry for recognizing color labels, and also in packaging quality control.


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