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High-performance micrometer meeting the highest requirements

WObit's offer includes a new high-performance optoCONTROL 2700 LED micrometer, which provides unrivaled accuracy in demanding measurement tasks.


Wysokowydajny mikrometr spełniający najwyższe wymagania

New high-performance LED micrometer optoCONTROL 2700 provides unrivaled accuracy in demanding measurement tasks.

Thickness, gaps, edges and fragments can be measured with high precision. You can perform precise measurements of small objects from 0.3 mm. The precision LED micrometer offers a linearity of ≤ 1 µm and a digital resolution of 10 nm. It is used, for example, in semiconductor production, the automotive industry, aerospace and medical technology.

The decisive advantage is the telecentric optics, which significantly optimizes the measurement accuracy. The measurement object is evenly illuminated and real-time tilt correction ensures extremely accurate measurement results, even when the measurement object is angled or tilted. A perpendicular positioning of the measuring object is therefore not necessary.

Whether it's highly reflective objects, such as rollers, or transparent objects, such as glass plates - these innovative micrometers offer the optimal solution wherever maximum precision and reliability are required.

In addition to precise measurements, the integrated contamination detection function offers a proactive solution for detecting contamination or foreign bodies on the measuring surface.
This function helps to avoid measurement errors and raise the quality of results to the highest level.

Thanks to the integrated controller, no external control unit is required and the time required for wiring and installation is minimized.

All configuration of the LED micrometer is done via the integrated web interface. The web interface is accessible via Ethernet and allows quick and easy settings, e.g. averaging or measurement speed, and offers extensive parameterization options for each measurement task.

Six presets allow you to quickly and easily set up your measurement task. The web interface also offers a scalable black and white image for easy alignment. This enables optimal graphical positioning of the micrometer or measuring object.


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