® TRANSPORTER T15  firmy WObit został laur..." />® TRANSPORTER T15  firmy WObit został laur..." />
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The "i-Wielkopolska - Innovative for Wielkopolska" award for the 3rd time for WObit!

The MOBOT ® TRANSPORTER T15 mobile robot from WObit was the winner of the "i-Wielkopolska - Innovative for Wielkopolska" competition in the Smart Specializations for Wielkopolska category.


Nagroda „i-Wielkopolska – Innowacyjni dla Wielkopolski” po raz 3 dla WObit!

On Monday, January 29, 2024during the LXI Session of the Wielkopolska Voivodeship Assembly, Marshal Marek Woźniak solemnly awarded the winners of the "i-Wielkopolska - Innovative for Wielkopolska" competition. MOBOT mobile robot< span class="ui-provider">® TRANSPORTER T15  firmy WObit został laureatem w kategorii Inteligentne Specjalizacje dla Wielkopolski.Wśród nagrodzonych projektów znalazły się również bioniczna proteza stopy, rehabilitacja nurkowa dla osób z niepełnosprawnością oraz niezależny energetycznie dom wodorowy.

The Competition for the Award of the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Voivodeship "i-Wielkopolska - Innovative for Wielkopolska" awards products, services and technologies in two categories - "Specializations for Wielkopolska", which includes innovative solutions within the six smart specializations of the voivodeship, and "H2 Wielkopolska", which concerns activities based on the use of hydrogen. The competition has been organized since 2007, and its organizer is guided by the idea that the key to the development of the regional economy is to promote innovative products and their creators and to help implement modern solutions. The statuettes and diplomas were presented to the winners by Marshal Marek Woźniak together with Jacek Bogusławski, Member of the Board of the Wielkopolska Voivodeship, and Małgorzata Waszak-Klepka, Chairwoman of the Wielkopolska Voivodeship Assembly.

– Innovations are challenges related to both knowledge and the courage to take risks. These types of projects do not always guarantee commercial success. It is sometimes said that Greater Poland is perceived as a conservative region from the economic point of view, but this is not entirely true. We have a growing group of companies that want to compete in the global race for solutions that will fight for the top spot in various fields. We try to support these projects using European funds, supporting universities, and creating good interactions between science and the economy. Today's winners present another element: a social element. Some of the awarded projects are addressed to people with disabilities - emphasized Marek Woźniak, Marshal of the Greater Poland Voivodeship.

The competition is open to business entities based in the Greater Poland Voivodeship. Innovative solutions that have already been implemented are rewarded.

– I observe with satisfaction the development of Wielkopolska enterprises in terms of introducing innovations. The pursuit of being competitive on the international market also deserves special emphasis, added Jacek Bogusławski, Member of the Management Board of the Wielkopolska Voivodeship.

Four entities received the title of competition winner. In the "Intelligent Specializations for Greater Poland" category, an innovative robot for transporting heavy loads in logistics centers was awarded. – No one has done this in Poland before, because our robot moves not only inside, but also outside between halls – notes Jacek Ober, representative of WObit. MOBOT ® TRANSPORTER T15 przeznaczony jest do ciągnięcia ciężkich ładunków do 1500 kg. Robot przeznaczony jest do automatyzacji transportu ciężkich ładunków w centrach logistycznych oraz zakładach produkcyjnych. Wyposażony został w specjalne czujniki, które pozwalają na jego pracę również na zewnątrz budynków w wysokich i niskich temperaturach, a jego napęd zapewnia dużą stabilność w trakcie transportu materiałów. Robot posiada też innowacyjny system bezprzewodowego ładowania indukcyjnego.

In the "Smart Specializations for Greater Poland" category, two projects supporting people with disabilities were also awarded: a prosthesis dedicated to people after lower limb amputation and a base for diving rehabilitation. – Our foot adapts live to the user's surroundings, thanks to which he can walk without feeling his disability. The first soldiers of the Ukrainian army who stood on an electronic prosthesis stood on our prosthesis, noted Adam Gramala, the originator and co-creator of the bionic prosthesis. – The diving station completely changes the lives of people who use it, they become divers, not people with disabilities – emphasized Michał Owsianny from the "Krok po Kroku HSA" Foundation.

In the "H₂ Wielkopolska" section, a house design was awarded that is able to provide energy for the building all year round - Our solution is to convert excess renewable energy into molecules, thus producing clean hydrogen that we can store indefinitely - explained Piotr Napierała, president of VIRTUD.

Prizes in the "i-Wielkopolska - Innovative for Wielkopolska" competition were awarded in financial form, and their total amount was PLN 120,000. zloty. Additionally, the winners will be provided with promotion of the company as part of international exhibitions of the Wielkopolska brand and during economic events for the next year.

This is the last edition of the competition called "i-Wielkopolska - Innovative for Wielkopolska". Its new version is called "Wielkopolska for Planet 2030" and has been expanded to include a scientific component - now not only entrepreneurs, but also scientists operating in the region can be awarded.

Source: https://www.umww.pl/nagrody-w-konkursie-i-wielkopolska-innowacyjni-dla-wielkopolski-wrczne


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