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BLDC series BG motors

silnik BLDC

Electronically commutated BG series motors are motors with neodymium magnets from 3 to 1100 W.

Combine the advantages of DC and AC motors.

They are characterized by long-term vitality, unsupportive work and a large adjustment dynamics.

They are made for operating voltages from 24 to 325 V, rotational speeds from 500 to 10,000 rpm, reaching the rated torque from 2 to 100 Ncm.

Possible executions with planetary and helix transmissions, as well as with built-in electronics.

Two sizes of BG44 and BG65 are the most popular. *) available with project quantities

ProductRated voltage [VDC]Rated speed [rpm]Rated torque [Ncm]Rated current [A]Starting moment [Ncm]Starting current [A]Engine power [W]Inertia rotor [gcm ^ 2]Engine weight [g]Ask for a product
BGA 22x22 dCore (12VDC)128.9401.931.1411.512.20181565
BGA 22x22 dCore (24VDC)2413.1601.731.271.561023.81565
BGA 22x22 dGo (12VDC)1289401.932.127.2-181565
BGA 22x22 dGo (24VDC)2488201.740.9610.7-181565
BG32x10 dCore (12VDC) 1240002.
BG32x10 dCore (24VDC)2438702.50.767.52.310.45.9150
BG32x10 KI (12VDC)1240802.61.6610.
BG32x10 KI (24VDC)2439202.580.659.92.110.585.9150
BG32x20 KI (12VDC)1243204.372.612.79.019.7610.2200
BG32x20 KI (24VDC)2438504.461.2120.74.51810.2200
BG42x15 dCore (12VDC)12341010.64.47119.43824360
BG42x15 dCore (24VDC)24363010.82.247112.74124360
BG42x30 dCore (12VDC) 12333017.36.87130.160.644470
BG42x30 dCore (24VDC) 24358017.23.37123.16444470
BG42x15 KI (12VDC)12361010.14.2719.53824360
BG42x15 KI (24VDC)24361010.62.1716.54024360
BG42x30 KI (12VDC)12375013.85.91389.55444470
BG42x30 KI (24VDC)24367016.63.31386.56444470
BG45x15SI (12VDC)123080135.344204224500
BG45x15SI (24VDC)24323013.22.558154524440
BG45x15PI (12VDC)12311016.15.844208624500
BG45x15PI (24VDC)24328016.83.1358158924500
BG45x15CI (12VDC)*12311016.15.844208624500
BG45x15CI (24VDC)*24328016.83.1358158924500
BG45x15MI (12VDC)*12311016.15.844208624500
BG45x15MI (24VDC)*24328016.83.1358155524500
BG45x30SI (12VDC)12316019.58.74452066.444620
BG45x30SI (24VDC)24321021.93.8881573.744620
BG45x30PI (12VDC)12319024.68.74452082.444620
BG45x30PI (24VDC)243360254.87881590.544620
BG45x30CI (12VDC)*12319024.68.74452082.444620
BG45x30CI (24VDC)*243360254.87881590.544620
BG45x30MI (12VDC)*12319024.68.74452082.444620
BG45x30MI (24VDC)*243360254.87881590.544620
BG62x30 dCore (24 VDC)243000203.713123.5631851150
BG62x45 dCore (24 VDC)243210275.121138.7912621400
BG62x60 dCore (24 VDC)24335030.76.8307561253531650
BG65x25 (24VDC)2430809749783.355.971.6870
BG65x50 (24VDC)243090265.6163130841281300
BG65x75 (42VDC)422860404.53301361201721800
BG65Sx25 (24VDC)24298034.66.026.416.410870900
BG65Sx50 (24 VDC)243240539.546.3321801291400
BGS65Sx25 (40 VDC)40320033.63.76109.811370900
BG65Sx50 (40 VDC)40348050.95.968.5191861291400
BG65x25 dMove (24VDC) 24436023005.8105721000
BG65x25 dMove (48VDC)48413024002.8106721000
BG65x50 dMove (24VDC) 24347039007.71421281500
BG65x50 dMove(48VDC) 48356043004.21601281500
BG65x75 dMove (24VDC) 2436504900101871722000
BG66x25 dMove (24VDC)243650377.6134701200
BG66x25 dMove (48VDC)483640373.8143701200
BG66x50 dMove (48VDC)483520565.22061291650
BG66x50 dMove (24VDC) 2435205610.51991291650
BG66x75 dMove (48VDC)483490756.72741872100
BG 66x25 dPro CO/IO (24VDC) 243650376.7140701200
BG 66x25 dPro CO/IO (48VDC) 483640373.8143701200
BG 66x50 dPro CO/IO (24VDC)2435205610.52061291650
BG 66x50 dPro CO/IO (48VDC)483520565.22061291650
BG 66x75 dPro CO/IO (48VDC)483490756.72741882100
BG 66x25 dPro PN/EC/EI (24VDC)243800377.6147701200
BG 66x25 dPro PN/EC/EI (48VDC)483500373.8135701200
BG 66x50 dPro PN/EC/EI (24VDC) 2435205610.51651291650
BG 66x50 dPro PN/EC/EI (48VDC) 483320565.22201291650
BG 66x75 dPro PN/EC/EI (48VDC) 483520756.72711882100
BG75x25 (24VDC)2436206613.13903252502331600
BG75x25 (40VDC)403500647.43901802402331600
BG75x50 (24VDC)243780109217257354314372200
BG75x50 (40VDC)403500110129204004004372200
BG75x75 (40VDC)40337015015.6630635306502800
BG75x25 dPro CO/IO (24VDC) 2439006112.2195502502401600
BG75x25 dPro CO/IO (40VDC) 403820718.3250502842401600
BG75x50 dPro CO/IO (24VDC) 2440507616220503204372200
BG75x50 dPro CO/IO (40VDC) 4039009811.2365504004372200
BG75x75 dPro CO/IO (40VDC)40370011612.7410504506522800
BG75x25 dPro PN/EC/EI (24VDC) 2439006112.2195502502401600
BG75x25 dPro PN/EC/EI (40VDC)403820718.3250502842401600
BG75x50 dPro PN/EC/EI (24VDC)2439007616.0503204372200
BG75x50 dPro PN/EC/EI (40VDC)4039009811.2504004372200
BG75x75 dPro PN/EC/EI (40VDC)40370011612.7410504506522800
BG95x40 dPro CO/IO (24 VDC) 24381021640.51248629503500
BG95x80 dPro CO/IO (60VDC) 60391027520.574112618905100
BG95x40 dPro CO/IO (48 VDC)48391021420628769503500
BG95x40 dPro CO/IO (60 VDC)60412019915.7518599503500
BG95x80 dPro CO/IO (24 VDC) 24391525448.5147104018905100
BG95x80 dPro CO/IO (48 VDC) 48387027825.782112718905100
BG95x40 dCore (24 VDC) 24394017033.310437019503500
BG95x40 dCore (48 VDC) 48394017016.75197019503500
BG95x40 dCore (60 VDC)60408816713.57149503500
BG95x80 dCore (24 VDC)24389024447.21846100018905100
BG95x80 dCore (60 VDC) 60382926020110618905100
BG95x80 dCore (48 VDC) 48380026124.6873104418905100
BG 95x40 dPro PN/EC/EI (24VDC) 2438101953712421009503500
BG 95x40 dPro PN/EC/EI (48VDC)483910190186222689503500
BG 95x40 dPro PN/EC/EI (60VDC) 604120180145122869503500
BG 95x80 dPro PN/EC/EI (24VDC)24391523044147292018905100
BG 95x80 dPro PN/EC/EI (48VDC) 4838702502382337718905100
BG 95x80 dPro PN/EC/EI (60VDC) 6039102501874386518905100

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