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New Tekscan pressure mapping sensor designed for battery measurements

WObit's offer includes a new Tekscan pressure mapping sensor, designed for measuring the pressure of contact surfaces in research and development and battery production.


Nowy czujnik mapowania ciśnienia Tekscan przeznaczony do pomiarów baterii

WObit's offer includes anew Tekscan pressure mapping sensordesigned specifically for the challenges associated with measuring the pressure of contact surfaces in research and development and battery production. This system provides customers with insight into their solutions, identifying potential battery design issues, leading to better, safer and more reliable energy storage.

Tekscan sensors are known for effectively measuring pressure in hard-to-reach places. Based on extensive customer feedback, the Model 7800 sensor is designed to fit wherever faucet manufacturers need to measure pressure changes.

Tekscan provides visibility into pressure anywhere at any stage of faucet design or production. The new 7800 model is specifically designed to fit in these spaces while allowing for easier placement of data-collecting electronics. The 7800 model is the latest addition to Tekscan's extensive range of off-the-shelf sensors compatible with the flagship I-Scan system.

Key sensor features include:


Thefeatures of the 7800 sensor also make it ideal for measuring pressure in a fuel cell stack and in many other applications and industries for measuring pressure in difficult spaces. Raul Oreste, product manager at Tekscan, added:"Our customers will use the 7800 sensor to design and test the next generation of lithium-ion batteries, as well as the latest, state-of-the-art solid electrolyte and silicon anode designs".

Whether you are involved in battery cycle testing for R&D, case durability, manufacturing or quality control, or you have another application where you need to measure contact pressure in tight spaces,contact our engineersto find out howsystem I-Scan< /strong> with the latest sensor can provide you with the information you need to improve your products or processes.

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