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The WObit company in the 19th Report "Responsible Business in Poland 2020. Good practices"

The Responsible Business Forum report is the biggest review of the best CSR and sustainable development practices in Poland. In the 19th edition, nearly 2,000 practices, including WObit initiatives.


Firma WObit w 19. Raporcie „Odpowiedzialny biznes w Polsce 2020. Dobre praktyki”

The Responsible Business Forum report is the biggest review of the best CSR and sustainable development practices in Poland.

The latest, 19th edition was created at a specific time when Poland faced the coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, the total number of reported practices from 225 companies amounted to nearly 2,000 - which is a record in the history of the publishing house. Among the activities reported by the WObit company, those for the local community were appreciated, as well as the introduction of the principles of social coexistence - the "Open Door" Policy and the Internal Anti-mobbing Policy.

It is worth noting that there was a 40% increase in the activities reported for publication for the first time, which shows the operative activity of companies in the field of CSR despite the exceptional conditions of the pandemic. The report indicates many examples of good practices related to activities for the benefit of local communities, the health sector, as well as the environment, and sustainable development.

The WObit company, as part of the We move the imagination initiative, took part in numerous charity and philanthropic campaigns organized internal thematic events and training, and also joined the #gaszynchallenge campaign and fundraisers for the foundation whose wards are children from the neighborhood.

WObit also conducts public education campaigns devoted to the management of packaging and packaging waste and reporting on them via the Eco Cycle of Packaging Recovery S.A.

In the new report, the Responsible Business Forum also appreciated the activities related to pro-health prevention, including the Measure the temperature and be well project, under which WObit created HeatBOT, an original system that allows contact-free and precise temperature verification. Non-contact, automatic temperature verification reduces the risk of infection.

As part of an innovative partnership for health and collaboration of three technology partners: P.P.H. WObit E.K.J. Ober, ALVO® Medical, and LUXIONA the ALVO® Ultra V-bot robot was also developed. The robot uses UV-C light technology, which destroys the nucleic acid (DNA) of dangerous pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2. The properly selected intensity of UV-C light allows you to decontaminate the room in a short time.

Another noticed practice is activities related to the creation of jobs and the development of competencies. In 2018, a tripartite patronage agreement was signed between the Pniewy Commune, the E. Sczaniecka School Complex in Pniewy, and the WObit company (P.P.H. WObit E.K.J. Ober), creating a class in the profession of a mechatronics technician. The signing of the contract was combined with the opening of a mechatronics workshop equipped with modern equipment. WObit funded MLA linear modules and components enabling, among others building stations for learning the programming of Cartesian robots. WObit supports and develops mechatronics also by sharing knowledge and experience.

The latest technology at your fingertips is a good practice for a tripartite cooperation initiative concluded in 2020 between Siemens Polska, the Pniewy Commune, and WObit (P.P.H. WObit E.K.J. Ober). It opens up new development opportunities for class students in the profession of a mechatronics technician. In addition to Siemens courses, students of the School Complex named after E. Sczaniecka in Pniewy have the opportunity to undergo apprenticeships and internships at WObit, as well as benefit from the support of its specialists.

The WObit company, as part of developing the passion of children and young people, joined the "Polish National Dance Festival" project. Thanks to the event, families were able to spend more time together while dancing. 357 participants signed up for the festival (1,500 online viewers). The company supported the event materially, and the company's representatives represented it on the dance floor.

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of the activities carried out by the WObit company. For years, he has been undertaking numerous initiatives for education, the natural environment, and the local community daily. Importantly, in addition to the implementation of planned projects, WObit responds to the current situation, an example of which is supporting the public health sector in the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

The report "Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices ”is the most important periodical publication of the Responsible Business Forum, published in 2002. It presents an overview of the best activities of companies that submitted their CSR activities and summarize the most important issues related to responsible business in a given year in Poland.



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