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Cooperative mobile robots automate internal transport


Współpracujące roboty mobilne automatyzują transport wewnętrzny

In the era of shortages of employees in the labor market, the introduction of modern industrial solutions that will allow for better implementation of processes becomes more important. One of the areas that should be improved is internal transport, so that it allows the necessary flexibility of the enterprise.

It is often emphasized how important are soft skills among employees, and can their counterparts be indicated in the context of industrial robots? Recruiting an employee for example as a programmer, in a situation where we have two candidates with similar knowledge and skills, we choose the one who is able to communicate effectively, is creative and manages time well. In the case of industrial robots with the choice of equipment with similar parameters, the price criterion may be decisive, but also features such as flexibility of the solution, versatility, safety of cooperation with people and ease of service.

An example of such devices is autonomous vehicles for internal transport MOBOT® AGV manufactured by WObit. The mobile robots are flexible, comprehensive, affordable and user-friendly solution.

AGV can improve the security of both employees and cargo, better control over the use of resources, which gives real savings in a short time. An important argument for many companies that are struggling with the acquisition of qualified employees is the automation of repetitive transport processes. As a result, they can train their employees to perform other, more difficult tasks and increase / optimize the production, which could not otherwise be possible.

We can see the experiencemobile robots are often accepted by employees with considerable enthusiasm and, after the implementation is completed, treated as an indispensable element of the production process in which they participate -  says Przemysław Degórski –  the Director of Development, Production and Sales in WObit company.  

What is the flexibility of transporting with self-driving vehicles?

Thanks to the fact that they are autonomous vehicles, they do not require additional infrastructure for navigating and moving around in space, it is possible to easily and quickly change the routes of the robot, depending on the needs, which is impossible in the case of stationary feeders. AGV works enable the continuation of automatic transport, also transversally to communication routes, without the need to use, for example, elevators. An important aspect is also space, which in the case of mobile robots is released, and not limited, as is the case with permanently mounted conveyors. Mobile robots allow deliveries directly to production outlets in quantities adapted to the current demand for materials.

Why are the devices versatile and very effective?

MOBOT® AGV mobile robots are characterized by compact and stable construction, thanks to which you can easily give them appropriate functionality They can transport pallets with goods, litter trays filled with small details, as well as finished products of various dimensions. Loads can be carried over the AGV, moved by means of a roller conveyor or a pallet truck or gravity automatically docked by a robot. The WObit offer includes several standard modules for the superstructure and transport trucks for each of the mobile transport devices. It is also possible to make a truck adapted to an unusual customer load. These trolleys can be attached automatically, loaded manually or automatically with the help of another industrial robot.

All MOBOT® AGV can safely cooperate with people, by equipping them with appropriate sensors, such as a laser scanner with a security function. It is responsible for detecting obstacles that appear before the robot and the appropriate response to avoiding collisions. For the best interaction with AGV staff they are equipped with light signaling, as well as a loudspeaker that plays messages and music. Compact dimensions and the ability to move in the same communication path as people, allow better use of the available workspace.

Power supply

MOBOT®AGV self-driving robots are equipped with battery power supply allowing you to work up to 12 hours on a single charge. After this time, the batteries can be easily and quickly replaced (<3 min) with a new set. The robots can also be equipped with an automatic loading system at a standstill. Importantly, efficient, high-capacity batteries allow for frequent high-current charging. As a result, self-driving transport works can work almost continuously, improving the efficiency of processes.

Family members MOBOT® AGV robots enter : eRunner , EcoRunner , CubeRunner , FlatRunner , also available in HT version and new FlatRunner MW , which can transport up to 1800 kg. The last mobile robot in the MOBOT®AGV family is the first model characterized by unlimited freedom of movement, possible thanks to the development of a drive system equipped with a Mecanum wheels. It allows you to perform both forward and reverse movement as well as moving to the side, as well as diagonally, without the need to perform turning maneuvers or even turning. This unlimited mobility is accompanied by very high positioning precision, allowing access to the designated point with an accuracy of ± 1 mm, even in a limited space.

Returning to the analogy from the introduction - we chose an employee and we hired him for a trial period, check whether we fit together and what about the robot? In the process of selecting the device, it is possible to present the robot in the client's company, to do it, simply call the adviser. By implementing a solution, companies often decide to buy one device first and if it works - the next one. Thanks to this, the MOBOT® AGV system of mobile robots is scalable, this solution can be easily expanded according to needs and adapted to the development of the company.

Will it work in your company? We invite you to contact WObit specialists who will answer bothering questions. If you want to expand your own knowledge first, please visit our YouTube channel and check out information on the page.


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