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Thermo vision camera with microscope lens thermoIMAGER Microscope Lens

With a new microscopic lens for Micro-Epsilon thermal imaging cameras, it is possible to measure even the smallest components.


Kamera termowizyjna z obiektywem mikroskopowym thermoIMAGER Microscope Lens

Newly in thermal image monitoring in high resolution image of ultra-small electronic components, is the Micro-Epsilon solution with a special microscopic lens. This lens is available as an upgrade to the thermal imaging cameras of the TIM450 series (382x288 pixels) and TIM640 (640x480 pixels). It allows thermographic execution of macros of individual elements based on spatial resolution up to 28Ă?m.

These cameras, equipped with a new lens, can detect even the smallest temperature differences with high precision and reliability. Microscope lens was developed for temperature measurements of PCBs, monitoring the assembly of printed circuits or for checking micro soldered and welded joints, as well as specific electronics components working on the plate. Obtained results of measurements in the form of temperature changes in real time, allow to eliminate unpredictable operation of electronic circuits, and even to prevent their destruction.

Microscopic lens allows you to display and quickly analyze dynamically changing temperatures in specific areas of the field of view of the thermal imaging camera lens. It also allows you to record radiometric videos and make a recording of the currently displayed image. These data can be exported and then used in external programs.

In addition to general photos and films, it is possible to perform detailed macro-photography of specific objects in real time with frequencies up to 125 Hz, based on spatial resolution of 28Ă?m. The distance between the camera and the object to be measured can be up to 100 mm. Thanks to this, we keep a safe distance from the measuring object to the lens of the device, with the possibility of freely adjusting the height of the device. Scalable temperature ranges from -20 ° C to 100 ° C, from 0 ° C to 250 ° C and from 150 ° C to 900 ° C.

The kit includes a thermal imaging camera (TIM 450 or TIM 640), a suitable microscope lens, PIF and USB cables, and a high quality tripod. Comprehensive analysis software is also provided.


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