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Nowa ulga na robotyzację szansą na rozwój polskich przedsiębiorstw

A new tax relief for robotization as an opportunity for the development of Polish enterprises


With the new year 2021, entrepreneurs will have a new opportunity to obtain a return on investment in automation and robotization.

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Czujniki pojemnościowe – tam gdzie wymagana jest najwyższa precyzja pomiarów

Capacitive sensors - where the highest precision of measurements is required


What characterizes the unique design of the Micro-Epsilon capacitive sensors? What resolution and precision can be obtained? What does the modular measuring system give? Answers in the article.

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Przekładnie cykloidalne vs przekładnie planetarne – przegląd technologii

Cycloidal gears vs planetary gears - technology review


How are cycloidal and planetary gears built? What are their benefits and also in which applications should they be used? The answers can be found in the article.

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Roboty mobilne MOBOT® - wysoka jakość i bezpieczeństwo w zgodzie z normami

MOBOT® mobile robots - high quality and safety in line with standards


In today's article, we will present in accordance with what standards Polish autonomous mobile robots MOBOT® are designed and manufactured.

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Skuteczne pomiary siły – przegląd rozwiązań

Effective force measurements - solution review


Force sensor without electronics or with built-in amplifier? In the article we present the structure and principle of operation of strain gauges and discuss the available offer and applications.

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Zalecenia dotyczące detekcji podwyższonej temperatury ciała z użyciem kamer TIM thermoIMAGER

Recommendations for detecting elevated body temperature using TIM thermoIMAGER cameras


Thermal imaging cameras allow detection of elevated body temperature, but to obtain satisfactory measurement results, use cameras with appropriate parameters.

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Kontrola temperatury tłumu i pasażerów z TIM40

Crowd and passenger temperature control with TIM40


The Micro-Epsilon TIM40 thermal imaging camera as a functional tool for controlling the increased temperature of people in public places, such as airports, stations or shopping centers.

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Bezkontaktowy pomiar różnicowy w przemyśle – zastosowane rozwiązania.

Non-contact differential measurement in industry - solutions used.


In the article we discuss the main issues that should be noted in basic material thickness tests.

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