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The SID116 brush motor controller manages the aeration of the photobioreactor

The advanced driver of DC brush motors SID116 was used by scientists from the University of Economics in Wroclaw in an automated station with a photobioreactor.


Sterownik silników szczotkowych SID116 zarządza napowietrzaniem fotobioreaktora

Advanced DC brush motor driver SID116 was used by scientists from the University of Economics in Wroclaw to create an automated station with a photobioreactor. It was used to smoothly control the aeration of the photobioreactor.

The device was presented at the end of September during Lower Silesian Days of Innovation, organized by the Wrocław Council of the Federation of NOT Scientific and Technical Associations.

Manufactured by the company WObit controller allows current, speed, position and trajectory control with trapezoidal speed profile. The SID116 allows the motor to be controlled with a continuous current up to 16 A and a voltage up to 30 V, and work in 4 quadrants. The engine can work as a drive or generator depending on the current load and direction of rotation.

The DC motor driver can work with an incremental encoder to precisely control position. Thanks to the free software created for SID116, the user can easily configure the operating modes of the controller and drive parameters via a USB interface.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details at product page , while a detailed account of the position with a photobioreactor can be read at Academic Center for Research and Development of the Wrocław University of Economics .


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