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DC modular G / GR series motors

Silnik szczotkowy prądu stałego GR80x40

Commutator motors of permanent current with excitation with permanent magnets are characterized by a high power factor in a volume unit.

Two different motor family sizes are available: GR family in the 6 to 60 V voltage range, 1500 to 10000 rpm and nominal torque 0.47 to 70 Ncm and the G family, mainly with Sliding Bearing in the operating voltage range 4 up to 40 V, rotational speed 1500 to 6000 rpm with a torque of 0.85 to 5.6 Ncm.

These motors can be equipped with PLG planetary or SL slimline gear, brake (only for GR series), encoder, tachograph and control electronics.

ProductRated voltage [VDC]Rated speed [rpm]Rated torque [Ncm]Rated current [A]Starting moment [Ncm]Starting current [A]Engine power [W]Inertia rotor [gcm ^ 2]Engine weight [g]Ask for a product
GR23 (12VDC)1246400.950.753.82.644.375
GR23 (24VDC)24410010.333.71.1444.375
G30.2 (12VDC)12290010.62.81.441180
G30.2 (24VDC)24300010.3130.77411.580
G30.2 (40VDC)40350010.213.270.5541180
G30.1 (12VDC)1233001.650.95.42.4618.5110
G30.1 (24VDC)2434001.70.456.11.4618.5110
G30.1 (40VDC)4036001.750.286.30.93618.5110
G30.1S (12VDC)12305020.97.352.6719.5110
G30.1S (24VDC)24310020.457.51.53719.5110
G30.1S (40VDC)40325020.287.60.95719.5110
G30.0 (12VDC)12298031.412.94.61042.2240
G30.0 (24VDC)24303030.7112.12.51042.2240
G30.0 (40VDC)40281030.412.31.461042.2240
G30.0S (12VDC)1225003.71.4164.481142240
G30.0S (24VDC)2426503.70.7116.52.751142240
G30.0S (40VDC)4026003.70.415.71.511142240
GR42x25 (12VDC)1234503.91.9197.81571390
GR42x25 (24VDC)2436003.80.92041571390
GR42x25 (40VDC)4037003.90.6222.761571390
GR42x40 (12VDC)1237505.32.73213.220110490
GR42x40 (24VDC)2431005.71.2335.6820110490
GR42x40 (40VDC)4034005.70.8363.9720110490
GR53x30 (12VDC)12379094.55723.740230850
GR53x30 (24VDC)243600102.36713.540230850
GR53x30 (40VDC)403680101.3667.740230850
GR53x30 (60VDC)604000100.9695.640230850
GR53x58 (12VDC)12300015.55.511435.5604601160
GR53x58 (24VDC)243000172.914322.8604601160
GR53x58 (40VDC)403000171.913914.4604601160
GR53x58 (60VDC)603450171.314410.3604601160
GR63x25 (12VDC)12310013.75.28227504001200
GR63x25 (24VDC)243300142.710818504001200
GR63x25 (40VDC)40350013.31.711812504001200
GR63x25 (60VDC)60330014.51.11167.6504001200
GR63x55 (12VDC)123000248.7202641007501700
GR63x55 (24VDC)243350274.9211401007501700
GR63x55 (40VDC)40345027321028.61007501700
GR63x55 (60VDC)60335028.5220019.71007501700
GR63Sx55 (24VDC)243500325.833553.31177501700
 GR63Sx55 (40VDC)403750323.736036.21267501700
GR80x40 (12VDC)12270034.511.52406712018002800
GR80x40 (24VDC)242900355.831046.412018002800
GR80x40 (40VDC)4035003543413812018002800
GR80x40 (60VDC)603250352.531626.412018002800
GR80x80 (24VDC)243200621060811224032004000
GR80x80 (40VDC)40310062661273.624032004000
GR80x80 (60VDC)603350634.262360.524032004000

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