Rozwiązania i Komponenty dla AutomatykiSolutions and Components for Automation

Kołnierzowe prec. PLFN

Przek³adnia planetarna PLFN

The PLFN features a standardized flange interface for ease of installation. The straight-teeth precision planetary gearbox has been designed for the highest performance and torque.

Its high tilting moment delivers the best performance even under the highest radial and axial forces.


  • Maximized loads
  • Straight teeth for the highest torques
  • High efficiency (98%)
  • 12 ratios (i = 4,…, 100)
  • Standardized flange interface
  • Perfectly sealed
  • For any mounting position
  • Possibility of easy assembly on the engine
  • No lubrication required
ProductAvailable translocationsNominal output torque [Nm]Efficiency [%]Maximum radial load [N]Maximum axial load [N]Weight [kg]Moment of unallocation [kgcm2]Luzy [arcmin]Ask for a product
PLFN110 100:1100:11259580.75<52
PLFN110 10:110:1125986.52.00<31
PLFN110 16:116:13009581.73<52
PLFN110 20:120:13009581.65<52
PLFN110 25:125:12609581.30<52
PLFN110 32:132:13009581.60<52
PLFN110 40:140:12609581.24<52
PLFN110 4:14:1300986.52.94<31
PLFN110 50:150:12609580.80<52
PLFN110 5:15:1260986.52.51<31
PLFN110 64:164:11509580.85<52
PLFN110 8:18:1150986.52.08<31
PLFN140 100:1100:130595162.67<52
PLFN140 10:110:130598137.40<31
PLFN140 16:116:1100095166.73<52
PLFN140 20:120:1100095166.51<52
PLFN140 25:125:190095165.00<52
PLFN140 32:132:180095166.31<52
PLFN140 40:140:180095164.82<52
PLFN140 4:14:1600981311.78<31
PLFN140 50:150:162095163.08<52
PLFN140 5:15:175098139.70<31
PLFN140 64:164:145095163.11<52
PLFN140 8:18:145098137.71<31
PLFN64 100:1100:127952.20.22<52
PLFN64 10:110:127981.50.21<31
PLFN64 16:116:177952.20.32<52
PLFN64 20:120:177952.20.30<52
PLFN64 25:125:165952.20.27<52
PLFN64 32:132:177952.20.29<52
PLFN64 40:140:165952.20.26<52
PLFN64 4:14:160981.50.29<31
PLFN64 50:150:165952.20.22<52
PLFN64 5:15:165981.50.26<31
PLFN64 64:164:140952.20.23<52
PLFN64 8:18:140981.50.22<31
PLFN90 100:1100:160954.00.26<52
PLFN90 10:110:160983.00.59<31
PLFN90 16:116:1150954.00.58<52
PLFN90 20:120:1150954.00.56<52
PLFN90 25:125:1140954.00.45<52
PLFN90 32:132:1150954.00.54<52
PLFN90 40:140:1140954.00.43<52
PLFN90 4:14:1140983.00.92<31
PLFN90 50:150:1130954.00.28<52
PLFN90 5:15:1140983.00.77<31
PLFN90 64:164:180954.00.30<52
PLFN90 8:18:180983.00.63<31

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