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WObit celebrated the World Work Safety and Protection Day for the 9th time


Firma WObit po raz 9. obchodziła Światowy Dzień Bezpieczeństwa i Ochrony Pracy

Traditionally, on April 28, WObit celebrated World Work Safety and Security Day. As part of this year's celebrations, at the end of May, WObit organized a fire protection training for its team, which was conducted by a company specializing in fire protection.

The training was divided into a theoretical part, during which the threats occurring in the workplace were discussed, and a practical part, during which each participant used a fire extinguisher on specialized simulators. These simulators guaranteed safety, fire realism and care for the environment.

The workshops refer to the slogan of this year's celebration:Occupational Safety and Climate Change.  

All over the world we are observing climate change and the resulting extreme weather phenomena. Heat waves, intense rainfall, wildfires, droughts and tropical cyclones are becoming more frequent and more severe (IPCC 2023). Climatic aberrations also have a serious impact on the safety and health of workers, who are often the first to be exposed to these hazards, often for longer periods and with greater intensity than the general population (ILO 2023).

The International Labor Organization identifies the following impacts of climate change on workers, selected based on their severity and scale of impact:

1. Temperature too high 

2. Ultravioletradiation 

3. Extreme weather phenomena

4. Air pollution in the workplace

5. Vector diseases transmitted by arthropods

6. Agrochemicals


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