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MOBOT® TRANSPORTER U1, a WObit mobile robot with the Good Design 2021 and Product of the Year 2021 awards!

The mobile robot MOBOT TRANSPORTER U1 is the winner of the Good Design 2021 competition organized by the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw and was also awarded the Product of the Year 2021 title.


MOBOT® TRANSPORTER U1, robot mobilny WObit z nagrodą Dobry Wzór 2021 oraz Produkt Roku ARP 2021!

On Monday, November 8, at the National Museum in Warsaw, the gala of the 28th edition of the Good Design 2021 Competition was held. Producers, distributors, service providers, and design studios whose products are of high design quality were awarded. The MOBOT® TRANSPORTER U1 mobile robot  from WObit received two awards!

Dobry Wzór 2021 i Produkt Roku ARP 2021 dla MOBOT TRANSPORTER U1

MOBOT® received the title of Good Design 2021 in the Work category, as well as the title of Product of the Year ARP 2021 - a special award granted by the President of Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A. the most innovative product in terms of design and adaptation to the Polish market, implemented by a Polish company and designed by a Polish designer. On behalf of WObit, the awards were collected by Tomasz Kałkowski - the author of the robot project. The coverage of the gala, which was broadcast live, can now be viewed at this link.

MOBOT® TRANSPORTER U1 - a mobile robot for every company

The awarded robot is used to automate internal transport. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and versatile. Compact device with IP65 protection and load capacity up to 100 kg is prepared for quick, independent installation and adaptation by the user. It is a response to the wide need for transport automation not only in the area of industry and warehouse logistics.

The compact and universal design allows you to easily attach almost any equipment, as well as quickly replace them. Thanks to this, it is possible to use the robot for various tasks. MOBOT® TRANSPORTER U1 can support processes in hotels, hospitals by automatic delivery of bedding, meals, or automatic disinfection. It will streamline work in offices and archives, transporting heavy documents and books. Perfect for airports - it will facilitate the transport of passengers' luggage. The customer can easily equip the robot with sensors for temperature or air quality control, which will allow for the implementation of tasks such as supervision and control of objects.

The robot was designed to allow free adaptation to completely new tasks by other companies. It is worth noting that the robot's equipment can be configured via the website. Programming has been simplified into a simple tutorial, requiring no previous programming experience from the user. Thanks to this, almost every company can take advantage of innovative technology, as mobile robots.

MOBOT TRANSPORTER U1 - Dobry Wzór 2021

Another award for the WObit company

The award granted by the IWP is another distinction for the WObit company.In 2019, the MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW mobile robot was awarded the title of Good Design and Product of the Year.

We invite you to the post-competition exhibition

With the outcome of the competition at the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw, a post-competition exhibition presenting the finalists of this year's edition has begun. The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Sunday and will last until December 5.

Good Design is the oldest Polish design competition organized since 1993. It sets design standards and awards the best-designed products. The submitted projects are analyzed taking into account such aspects as the degree of innovation, ergonomics, functionality, durability, durability, aesthetics, and environmental impact. Experts from the Institute of Industrial Design and a jury composed of independent specialists related to the industry select the best design in over twenty categories.

The competition aims to distinguish products and services characterized by high-quality design and to support their producers and distributors.

About WObit

WObit is a Polish family company that has been providing a full spectrum of the most modern products and complete solutions for the industry for 30 years. WObit is a team of specialists with knowledge and know-how at the highest global technological level, who passionately modernize the Polish industry. The company is a producer of, among others industrial robots, including the MOBOT® family of industrial mobile robots. The innovations created by WObit are widely appreciated by the market.



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