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Settle the tax and donate 1% to save people with a sick heart


Rozlicz podatek i przekaż 1% na ratowanie osób z chorym sercem

The hearts of young children increasingly require specialist cardiac surgery due to their profound failure. They suffer from both congenital and acquired defects. Sometimes a heart transplant is the only salvation, but before that happens, the heart must be relieved by a mechanical device that pumps the blood.

This is achieved by prostheses created, among others by the Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery Zbigniew Religa. The Foundation is currently working on the development of a family of Polish heart prostheses under the ReligaHeart® brand, which will include:

By donating 1% of your tax, you will help achieve this goal and give patients a chance!

We encourage you to donate 1% of your tax to the Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery. prof. Zbigniew Religa KRS 0000069136

How can 1% of tax be donated??

Jak przekazać 1% podatku


Free PIT program

Below we present a program that will facilitate the donation of 1% of tax to the Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Zbigniew Religa:


Who can donate 1%?

The right to transfer 1% of tax applies to all taxpayers who settle in a given year taxable income that is not exempt from tax. Therefore, it can be settled by taxpayers settling accounts:


People who are accounted for by the employer cannot use the option of donating 1% to a selected Public Benefit Organization. Such a possibility exists only if they decide to fill in the PIT on their own.

Thanks to everyone who decided to help in this way!


Join the fight for little hearts



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