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Innovative Special Lubricant for the Economy Line of planetary gearboxes

Neugart introduces an innovative grease specially developed for planetary and angular gears in its production. It provides much better wear protection over a wider temperature range.


Innowacyjny, specjalny smar do ekonomicznej serii przekładni planetarnych

Neugart introduces an innovative lubricant specially developed for planetary and right angle gearboxes in its production. It provides immediately much better wear protection over an even wider temperature range.

The new "Klübersynth GE 14-112" lubricant is the result of a joint development project with the lubricant specialist Klüber Lubrication and has proven its capabilities in extensive tests. As a special grease for small gearboxes subjected to high loads, it contains specific additives formulated to exactly meet the requirements of planetary gearboxes. This new solution combines the competencies of both market leaders.

"The new development was an exciting challenge. Listen, advise, test – everything was focused on the requirements of Neugart. The result is exactly the right solution and incorporates numerous benefits for Neugart customers. The new solution addresses customer-specific requirements even more directly, since it offers an even expanded range of application", explains Jürgen W. Gehrig, Regional Sales Manager at Klüber Lubrication.

In practice, this change affects all Economy Line gearboxes (i.e. the series  PLE, WPLE, PLQE, WPLQE, PLPE, WPLPE, PLFE, WPLFE, PLHE  as well as their modifications) with the "Standard lubrication" option. The technical performance data at the reference point is guaranteed to remain unchanged. Customers who use these models benefit automatically from the advantages offered by this new lubricant. The change will take effect with the first shipment in 2021.

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