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bMotion - choose the right drive faster, easier and safer

Where is it worth using DC brush motors? How is it easier to choose the right drive? What is the bMotion platform characterized by? We invite you to read the article.

bMotion - szybciej, łatwiej i bezpieczniej wybierzesz odpowiedni napęd

DC motors are an inseparable element of a variety of machines and systems in every industry. For many years, they have been the most popular on the market due to their high resistance to interference and harsh environmental conditions. These features counterbalance the disadvantage of brush wear, which requires periodic maintenance. Additionally, they are an inexpensive and very functional solution. The WObit company proposes the use of excellent quality brushed motors from the German company Buehler Motor.

Buehler Motor motors are mainly brush drives with power ranging from 1 W to 250 W, and 40 W to 360 W for brushless motors. The available rated torque is 1 Ncm to 7Nm and the speed of the gearless motors is 3,000 to 6,900 rpm. Many of this manufacturer's drives are used in cars and building automation, vehicles and industrial machines.

 bMotion platform

Thanks to the modular bMotion platform introduced by Buehler Motor, drive selection has become even easier. In one place, it is possible to select a complete drive system consisting of a DC motor, gear, brake and encoder. Based on the variety of the platform, the drive systems can be combined with existing components according to the customer's requirements. Consequently, customer-specific modifications can be largely replaced by configurations based on the available components of the bMotion platform. As a result, Buehler Motor offers excellent application support and consistent lead times for samples, pre-series and series parts.


Maximum modularity, easy combination and a large selection of predefined variants create a drive solution that is perfectly tailored to the customer's needs.

The benefits are already felt in the development phase. The advantage of the bMotion platform is that its users gain access to a wide spectrum of solutions. Different drives in the customer application can be selected from a single source. Likewise, drive combinations are also available for unique market requirements.

For example, there are several building door actuator combinations that are designed for low oscillation and low torque to meet customer needs. Strong and environmentally friendly solutions for agriculture are available, as well as durable and quiet drives for medical applications. The flexibility in the choice of drives is also suitable for industrial applications. Additionally, the platform offers cost savings in all applications where a BLDC motor life is not required.

Within the bMotion platform, two sizes of DC motor (42/52/63 mm diameter), two planetary gear sizes, worm gear, brakes and encoders are available for the drive combination. The 12 VDC and 24 VDC motors have rated torque without gearing is 18 to 32 Ncm, and the rotational speed is 3100 - 3300 rpm.

Importantly, although standardization is part of the new platform, modifications are always possible. Going further, it does not matter what modification is required, as you can configure, among others, windings, gears, as well as special shaft length sensors, EMC attenuation and temperature sensors.

To meet the increased demand for predictive maintenance, temperature sensors are available to monitor the condition of the motor.

Control of drives

To ensure the effective operation of the drive, it is necessary to implement the appropriate control. The WObit company offers several controllers of its own production designed to control DC brush motors. The simplest and most effective solution is to use a simple SDD187 controller, which allows you to control the current up to 20 A. The system is protected against thermal and overload damage. Changing the direction of motor rotation and speed is possible with the PWM signal. There is also a diagnostic output to indicate bridge overload. For OEM applications, it is possible to modify the controller, e.g. version powered with voltage up to 140 VDC.

SID116 - sterownik silników DC

In the case of more complex applications, it is worth considering the use of the SID116 driver, which is a platform that allows the drive to be adapted to a specific application. The aforementioned controller allows you to control the current, speed, position and trajectory with a trapezoidal speed profile. SID116 allows you to control the motor with a continuous current of up to 16 A and a voltage of up to 30 V, as well as work in 4 quadrants (the motor can work as a drive or generator, depending on the current load and direction of rotation). The free software created for this allows easy configuration of the controller operating mode and drive parameters via the USB interface. In addition, regardless of the operating mode, the controller is equipped with a dynamic brake function and energy recovery from braking.

In order to select the optimal solution, please contact WObit specialists, who, after analyzing your needs, will propose an engine, transmission, controller, and even a management application.


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