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WObit - Professionally Responsible Employer

The WObit company was awarded the title of a Professionally Responsible Employer and Platinum Partner for its involvement in the project "Time of BIS Professionals - Professional Wielkopolska" in the years 2017-2019.


WObit – Zawodowo Odpowiedzialny Pracodawca

The WObit company was awarded the title of a Professionally Responsible Employer and Platinum Partner for its involvement in the project "Time of BIS Professionals - Professional Wielkopolska" in the years 2017-2019.

The received title is the result of the work of the entire team, open to sharing knowledge and experience, answering all kinds of questions, sharing his passion and motivating others to develop.

Innovative companies such as WObit know that without innovative methods of training competences that will allow enterprises to build a competitive advantage, there cannot be an innovative, dynamically developing economy. Active involvement in the project "Time of BIS professionals - professional Wielkopolska", which is confirmed by the award, shows the responsibility for the development of the region borne by WObit.

Among the many activities that the WObit company carried out in the years 2017-2019 as part of the project, it is worth highlighting the admission of interns and sharing with them valuable, professional knowledge. Only in the aforementioned period, 9 interns, as well as many apprentices under other programs, gained experience, new practical skills and soft skills at WObit. The opportunity to obtain expert knowledge from specialists with a passion for what they do is an important step in the path of professional development of young people, which has a huge impact on their future careers.

Information on recruitment for apprenticeships, internships and job offers is always up-to-date and easily accessible, as the company publishes them on the website

By creating innovative products and solutions that modernize the Polish industry, WObit is among the leaders setting future directions of development. WObit shares his valuable knowledge and experience as part of the project, providing up-to-date and reliable job descriptions, which are the basis for the development of reference models. The WObit company also helps in the improvement of educational programs in vocational schools by consulting the demand for new competences and directions of development in which the development of competences should take place today and in the future. Thanks to this, young people studying in vocational education schools will find it easier to find a satisfactory job, because the knowledge and skills they have acquired will be very much sought after by employers. This will also translate into lowering unemployment and increasing the standard of living of the local community.

As part of the project, WObit representatives participate in numerous meetings - panels / workshops, exchanging experiences with other entities as part of the Wielkopolska Educational and Economic Network. Active activities and meetings are continued also in the difficult pandemic situation, as exemplified by remote panels that took place during the holidays. One of them, devoted to the competences of the future, was attended by the Development Director at WObit, who shared with the event participants important tips on professional development.

The prestigious distinction is also a great motivation for further active work improving the vocational education of Polish students, but also changing Poland for the better.

About the project

The project "Time of BIS professionals - professional Wielkopolska" is launched under the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Program 2014+ and will be implemented by the end of 2022 by the Self-Government of the Wielkopolska Region (Department of Education and Science of the Marshal's Office of the Wielkopolska Region) and the Poznań University of Technology in cooperation with interested local governments, employers and vocational training schools from the Greater Poland voivodeship.

Project participants co-create the Wielkopolska Educational and Economic Network, which is a cooperation platform for a network of entities, including the Self-Government of the Wielkopolska Province, Poznań University of Technology, selected schools and enterprises from the region together with WObit.

The subject of this regional project is the permanent reconstruction of the vocational education system in Wielkopolska, as well as the expansion and strengthening of relations between schools and employers through, inter alia, involving employers in the process of advising students in the selection of career development directions, better matching of internship offers to students' skills and competences using the Professionals System, or supporting schools and employers in the process of communication with local labor market institutions.

The effectiveness of the activities of the Greater Poland Educational and Economic Network was recognized in the competition The Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Excellence Awards at ECKM. The competition accompanied one of the most important scientific conferences in the world devoted to knowledge management - The European Conference in Knowledge Management - ECKM. In 2019, the twentieth edition of the conference was held in Lisbon.



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