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New confocal sensors for precise distance and thickness measurements

The WObit offer includes the latest generation of confocal sensors for precisely determining the distance and thickness of transparent materials.


Nowe czujniki konfokalne do precyzyjnych pomiarów odległości i grubości

The latest generation of Micro-Epsilon confocal sensors is designed to precisely determine the distance and thickness of transparent materials. confocalDT IFS2407-3 and confocalDT IFS 2404 / 90-2 solve many new measuring tasks related to curved surfaces and limited installation spaces in series applications. In combination with controllers with an integrated light source inside (measurement path based on this technology), they achieve measurement frequencies up to 70 kHz, depending on the version.

Measurements on curved surfaces

The latest measuring head of the confocalDT system, designated IFS2407-3, enables measurement with a high inclination up to ± 30 ° without unnecessary and cumbersome tilting of the sensor head in relation to the measured object. This allows you to reliably and precisely measure curved surfaces with different structures in hard-to-reach places.

In addition, the sensor offers a large measuring range of 3 mm, a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.43 and a large offset up to 28 mm. Combining the advantages of accurately measuring inclined surfaces without unnecessary head movement, these sensors are ideally suited for geometry checking tasks in coordinate measuring machines. Particularly when measuring surfaces with complex shapes and high reflective properties, such as gears or external threads, stable and highly precise results are achieved.

Limited installation spaces in series applications

IFS2404 / 90-2 is designed to detect displacement, distance, position and thickness in confined installation spaces. It offers a measuring range of 2 mm with a resolution of 0.040 µm. The sensor has a beam at an angle of 90 °. This compact design saves space for integration in limited installation spaces with reduced installation depth. Due to the excellent price-performance ratio, the sensor is particularly suitable for series applications.

Modifications for the customer

If adaptation to specific customer requirements is required to solve the measurement task, the sensors can be modified accordingly.

This includes, for example, structural modifications, different pipe lengths, design of materials suitable for negative pressure or special mounting options.


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