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optoNCDT 1900: laser sensor for maximum precision in a compact design

The complex and advanced tasks of measuring displacement distance and position are ideal applications for the new optoNCDT 1900 laser sensor. Find out what it is characterized by.


optoNCDT 1900: czujnik laserowy zapewniający maksymalną precyzję w kompaktowej konstrukcji


OptoNCDT 1900  is the latest model of laser sensors from the German manufacturer Micro-Epsilon. The innovative sensor offers a unique combination of speed, size and accuracy and is used for dynamic displacement, distance and position measurements. The triangulation sensor has an integrated, high-performance controller for fast and precise processing and output of measured values.

TheoptoNCDT 1900 laser sensor  combines small size, precision and low weight. This makes it suitable for displacement, distance and position measurements in industry, automation and robotics. The innovative laser triangulation sensor is used wherever high precision is combined with the latest technology. Solves measuring tasks in demanding automation, automotive industry, 3D printing and coordinate measuring machines.

The measurements taken are just as reliable regardless of the surface, ranging from shiny metal to multi-colored, from light to dark, and from matt to shiny. Thanks to the small measuring spot, even the smallest parts are precisely detected, and the compact and robust design allows mounting on the robot.

The sensors are equipped with intelligent surface control. Advanced surface compensation works with new algorithms and ensures stable measurement results even on demanding surfaces. The sensor is extremely resistant to the influence of ambient light and can also be used in brightly lit places. For the first time, two-step averaging is available to optimize the signal. High-performance averaging enables precise signal paths, especially for high-speed measurements of moving parts.

New fastening system for precise fit

Mounting by means of a mounting sleeve automatically brings the sensor into the correct position. This allows both the simple exchange of the sensor and even greater precision when solving measuring tasks. The space required for the sensor is only 70x31x45 mm. The advantages of the mounting system are particularly evident in the precise thickness measurement with two sensors of the optoNCDT 1900 series, as the light points can be precisely positioned.


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