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Rope sensors with IP69K for standard industrial applications

The new WObit offer wireSENSOR WPS-Kxx rope displacement sensors with measuring ranges 2300 mm and 5000 mm, designed especially for industrial applications.


Czujniki linkowe z IP69K do seryjnych zastosowań przemysłowych

WObit offer includes new linear displacement sensors wireSENSOR WPS-Kx x with measuring ranges of 2300 mm and 5000 mm, specially designed for industrial applications.

The robust series of sensors with IP69K degree of protection is ideal for precise measurements of distance and position intrudnych warunkach pracy. Stosowana jest przede wszystkim w maszynach mobilnych, dźwigach mobilnych i systemach podnoszenia.

The compact K series is distinguished by high flexibility and excellent price-performance ratio. This makes the new sensors particularly suitable for OEM and serial applications.

Thanks to the plastic housing reinforced with fiberglass, as well as separate drum and spring spaces, they are extremely resistant to external factors in both internal and external applications.

The high degree of modularity makes it easy to adapt to different requirements in an efficient way. Non-standard versions with different measuring ranges, cable thickness and output interfaces are possible.


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