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Transporting loads up to 1 ton with the new WObit mobile robot!

The MOBOT® AGV mobile robot family has just expanded with the new FlatRunner MW Light.


Transport ładunków do 1 tony z nowym robotem mobilnym WObit!

The MOBOT® AGV mobile family has been enlarged by a new model FlatRunner MW Light. This robot has a payload up to 1000 kg and can autonomously move in any direction thanks to Mecanum wheels and LMS laser navigation. Optimization of internal transport has never been as easy as it is now thanks to the comprehensive self-propelled MOBOT AGV, which transports both light and heavy loads.

System cooperating MOBOT® transport robots is flexible, easy and quick to implement, because it does not require expensive changes to the factory space, it is also scalable. It means that the solution can be expanded according to needs and adapted to the development of the enterprise.

It is worth emphasizing the extremely compact construction of a new robot with a height of only 30 cm! It is adapted to the transport of pallets and various loads thanks to the possibility of easily equipping the top-up module, e.g. with automatic rollers. The robot can also be retrofitted with a lifting system.

All devices MOBOT® AGV can work with people safely, by equipping them with a laser scanner with a security function. It is responsible for detecting obstacles that appear before the robot and the appropriate response to avoid collisions. For the best interaction with AGV staff they are equipped with traffic lights, as well as a speaker that plays messages and music. Compact dimensions and the ability to move in the same communication routes as people, allow for better use of the available workspace.

With MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW Light we expand the possibilities of transporting heavy loads up to 1 ton. Thanks for this, we offer a complete offer for the whole of the factory, both for small, medium and very large details. - says Jacek Ober, Marketing and Investment Director at WObit.

Mecanum wheels together with the LMS laser navigation provide the possibility of moving in each direction by a new robot. The effect of using this unlimited mobility and flexibility is to shorten the cycle times and downtime of the production process. The intuitive MOBOT® RoutePlanner software allows easy and quick implementation of the device in the production plant.

To find out more about the new mobile robot MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW Light and the whole family of devices visit the website or contact WObit advisers at 61 22 27 422.


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