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MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner HT automates internal transport in the production of a new ventilation duct

About NucAir Technologies

The company NucAir Technologies was founded in 2015 and deals in the production of components including for nuclear and shipbuilding. Is an innovative Polish enterprise from the SME sector, which has developed a new technology for the production of ventilation ducts. The benefits of rectangular and circular channels, so-called SQUOVAL® channel (rectangular section with rounded corners).

With the help of the obtained funding, NucAir Technologies implemented a pilot project for the production of innovative welded ducts. An important element of this investment was the organization of internal transport, which involved a number of challenges.

MOBOT AGV FlatRunner w NucAir



Replacement of conventional transport - fork trucks (dangerous, product damages) and roll conveyors (expensive, difficult to reconfigure) in the production of the new ventilation channel SQUOVAL®.

Implementation and effects

In the NucAir Technologies company, MOBOT AGV FlatRunner HT mobile robot was launched for inter-operative transport. It was selected, among others due to the high flexibility of the solution, the cost is lower than traditional rollovers and ensuring a high level of safety of people and products transported, especially compared to forklift trucks.

MOBOT AGV FlatRunner w NucAirRobot mobilny MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner HT can carry loads up to 500 kg. It automates the process of transporting goods between production stations at various stages of the process. The robot is equipped with a system of two pull-out spindles used to automatically attach the transport trolley over the robot. As a result, it automatically retrieves and sets up hauled trucks.

MOBOT® ​AGV FlatRunnerHT is equipped with a laser scanner with a safety function. It is responsible for detecting obstacles that appear before the AGV vehicle. Thanks to its operation, the mobile robot can properly react, slow down or stop completely to avoid collisions. Battery powered allows 12 hours of effective work on a single charge.


We are very happy that the Polish product turned out to be competitive both technologically and priced. As a result, the tender was won by WObit. We are very happy about it, because it's closer to Poznań than to Milan or Stuttgart. The product of the company WObit meets all our requirements and the implementation of this robot for this pilot production was not a problem.

Krzysztof Maria Wojtkowiak, NucAir Technologies

MOBOT® AGV robots are important in the process of producing ventilation ducts, because they allow complete production flexibility. The NucAir company can change the machine at any time, it can supply a different machine, change the order of the technological process. The only thing you need to do is pass the information to the robot to go to a different station than the one programmed. The flexibility of the solution, which is mobile works, allowed for up to a tenfold increase in production efficiency compared to the transport with the use of fork-lift trucks.

This is an absolute leap forward and it allows us to implement Industry 4.0, where all other processes will be digitally controlled.

Krzysztof Maria Wojtkowiak, NucAir Technologies


Construction of a new production plant, in which all technological transport is based on AGV trucks.

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